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Read to the end for an honest Pro vs. Con.


Pro Kettlebell was one of the sponsors of the 2023 Grip Strength Kettlebell Competition in Nanaimo, B.C. where we were happy to cheer on all the awesome lifters and provide Pro Kettlebells to use for the lifters who wanted them.


Misty was one of those lifters, taking on her competition set with Pro Kettlebells. Had to share the post she made about it... Thank you, Misty!


Unexpected Pro Kettlebell Results



Saturday's comp was a fun one and one of the best feeling jerk sets I've ever had.  

So good, in fact, that had I not made the mistake of telling my judge I didn't want to know my reps until the end, I easily could have paced faster in the last couple minutes instead of the sprint in the last 30-45 seconds.

I took a risk and picked up a pair of Pro Kettlebell's Atlas bells for the first time right before I went out on the platform and HOLY CRAP did they ever feel great.

I didn't feel any burn at all where I normally do until about minute 8, and even then it wasn't bad at all. Perfect for my tiny hands and wrists/forearms.  The balance felt fantastic, too.

I hit 85 (or 84, I can't remember) reps and the full ten minutes (first time doing that!), then 189 reps in snatch.

SO FREAKING CLOSE TO CMS!  One or 1.5 points off.  Always another time.

I'm about to head into the gym for my first session post comp.  LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!


How Do You Hold Your Kettlebell?

Misty didn't need to adapt to Pro Kettlebells, her grip already suited them instantly. That's not always the case, though.


Check out this email transaction:


Friday: Pro Kettlebells Delivered

Hi, I'd like to request a return label for this order.  Really great bells, unfortunately your design is not a good fit for my anatomy.”



I've worked with these a bit more, and may hold on to them.”



“Alright, never mind, these bells are great. Keepers for sure. ”

The double-edged sword of creating Pro Kettlebell's patented contours - which do their job in eliminating having a pressure point dig into your arm - is that the design does not allow you to maintain a dumbbell grip on a Pro Kettlebell.   (Well, you can, but it's going to feel terrible.)


You'll need to adjust the angle of your hand insertion so that your arm aligns with the angle of the contour of the Pro Kettlebell, resulting in a proper kettlebell grip (also called a “false” grip or Olympic grip- similar to what's used for rings in gymnastics).

People who don't want to let go of their habit of using a dumbbell grip for kettlebell work are probably not going to like Pro Kettlebells.


For them, it will require some effort and a few workouts to adjust their technique.  But it's worth the payoff.  Benefits which come with using a false grip that you may not realize are:


  • Increased grip endurance

  • Reduction of calluses and hand tears

…and here's a biggie…


Wedging your hand and arm through the window of the kettlebell (the negative space inside the handle) as deeply as it can go creates more stability and


  • Gives you maximum control over the kettlebell

  • Helps you keep your wrist straight

  • Reduces leverage on the elbow

  • Protects you from shoulder injuries during overhead movements

Are Pro Kettlebell's Worth the Cost?

Pro Kettlebell's are high quality, Made in USA products with a lifetime guarantee.  


We wish they weren't so expensive to manufacture, but they are.  So, although they may be the best teaching tool, the most comfortable for heavy and long sets, and the fastest adjusting with our magnetic chip weights, they're not likely to appear on a bargain kettlebell shopping list.


If all you're using kettlebells for is deadlifts, goblet squats, and some swings, it might not be worth it to you to invest in a Pro Kettlebell.  


But if your goals include: 


  • Using kettlebells on a daily or regular basis

  • Using kettlebells for their maximum potential

  • Making every effort to learn proper technique

  • Making every effort to reduce risk of injury

  • Prohibiting forearm discomfort

  • Having fun and enjoying hundreds of different exercises with kettlebells

  • Performing a lot of cleans, snatches and other ballistic movements

Then a Pro Kettlebell is a Ferrari worth investing in and learning how to properly drive.


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