2024 All American Kettlebell Open
  • 2024 All American Kettlebell Open

  • At the Mr. America All-American Sports Festival, located within the Tropicana Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey USA, October 12th-13th

Set Goal. Train Hard. Show Up. Be Proud.

What is Kettlebell Sport?
Set Goal. Train Hard. Show Up. Be Proud.
Countdown to Game Day
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Countdown to Game Day

Register by Aug 31st and be entered to win a raffle prize from CK MACEWORKS valued at over $300!

Registration Form

Athlete registration includes a pass to all Mr. America events - no door fees required

Open Registration


June 1st-August 31st. Become a "super volunteer" to get 25% off registration (details are on the sign up form)

Late Registration


September 1st-October 1st (last day to sign up)

Extra Event


Registration includes three total lifts (that's three trips to the platform, regardless of event)

AKLU Team USA Qualifier

AAKO athletes who meet the requirements will be invited to join the AKLU and represent Team USA at the 2025 WKSF World Championship

Why This Competition?
Why This Competition?
  • Why This Competition?

  • At Pro Kettlebell, we believe competition environments should be resourceful, fun and make you feel like a champion from the moment you walk in the room. Our mission is to provide excellent lifting conditions so you're able to leave every potential rep on the platform and know you did your best.
Details & FAQ Details & FAQ

Details & FAQ


This year, all elements of the All-American Sports Festival & Expo (Bodybuilding and sports) will be held in various locations all within the TROPICANA HOTEL & CASINO

Atlantic City, NJ 08401


Book discounted rooms at the Tropicana before they're gone through THIS LINK


The official Mr. America Sports Festival Schedule includes Friday the 11th (and we will offer weigh-in's that evening) but the AAKO event is Sat, Oct 12th and Sun, Oct 13th.

Please plan on attending the Expo opening ceremony in uniform with your team at 9am Saturday. The schedule may change, but we currently plan on lifting to begin at 10am and occur both days, with "Day 1" awards at 4pm Saturday and final awards at 3pm Sunday.


Pro Kettlebell doesn't shy away from the competition! While a majority of the bells provided will be Pro Kettlebells, other brands are welcome to meet us on the platform.

*Atlas and Apollo Pro Kettlebells are provided for use in any event, but to qualify for AKLU's team USA you will need to perform the qualifying lift with Apollo.


Will occur the evening before or the morning of your first lift (your choice).


Due to the nature of the event, the producers will not be able to issue refunds for lifter cancellations or no-shows. You may change your event and bell weight until August 31st. September is the late registration period and a $25 surcharge will apply for changes. Last day to register or change events is October 1st, 2023.


The event stream will be provided by Denis Vasilev, streaming on the IKO Kettlebell Sport World League Youtube Channel

What is Kettlebell Sport?

We've got your burning questions answered in this blog.

Ranking Table & Rules

Here is the link to the ranking tables over on kettlebellworld.org. The Kettlebell Sport Rules & Regulations are further down the same page.

*AKLU table will be used for women's and men's One Arm Long Cycle ONLY.

Marathon ranking tables are HERE.

"Best Team" Contest

The Best Team will be determined using the IKO Team Scoring Table and the winning team will be awarded a set of Pro Kettlebells, delivered free anywhere in the continental US (In case of an international winner: shipping rates will apply or you can choose a combination of kettlebells + shipping that total the same value as the US prize).

All team members must be registered to their prospective teams by the registration cutoff date of October 1st, 2024. Team members should lift in matching or coordinating clothing which includes their team's name and/or logo.

Team USA Qualifier

The All-American Kettlebell Open uses the IKO ranking tables for all events with the exception of one-arm long cycle (AKLU tables) and marathon events (IKMF tables).

However, to qualify for Team USA, you will need to achieve the necessary rank(s) according the AKLU table, not the IKO table.

We will submit your scores to the AKLU on your behalf.

*At this time, Atlas Pro Kettlebells are not yet approved for the qualifier... If lifting with Pro Kettlebells, please use the larger "Apollo" model at this event if you'd like to be considered for Team USA.

For more details, visit the AKLU here.


5-Minute Jerk

5-Minute Snatch

5-Minute Two-Arm Long Cycle

5-Minute Biathlon

5-Minute Triathlon

10-Minute Jerk

10-Minute Snatch

10-Minute Half-Snatch

10-Minute One-Arm Long Cycle (Women's & Men's*)

10-Minute Two-Arm Long Cycle

10-Minute Biathlon

10-Minute Triathlon

30-Minute One-Arm Long Cycle Marathon

30-Minute Snatch Marathon

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Sponsor Opportunites

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