Do You Ship World-Wide?


Okay, yes, we ship anywhere, although fair warning; it's expensive. You can get a quote for yourself by adding your products to the cart and start moving through checkout process - you won't have to complete the order to see the shipping price.

We are keeping a running list of people from all over the world (especially Australia) who want our bells but are out-priced by the shipping. Let us know where you are in the world and we will add you to the list and let you know when we get distribution or a bulk order sent to your area!

What's a good starting kettlebell weight if I can only get one?

Children 11-15

4 kg (9 lbs)

Currently Not Very Active

Women: 6 kg (13 lbs)

Men: 8 kg (18 lbs)

Works Out Weekly

Women: 8 kg (18 lbs)

Men: 12 kg (26 lbs)

Very Athletic

Women: 12 kg (26 lbs)

Men: 16 kg (35 lbs)

What kettlebell(s) do I need for your workouts?


1 kettlebell weight, ideally "medium"


2 light-medium kettlebells


2 Light, 1 or 2 Medium, 1 Heavy


2 Light, 2 Medium, 2 Heavy

How many kettlebells do I need for kettlebell sport training?

*About Percentages

"100%" is your "medium" or "working" weight; the weight you will complete your final competition sets with. Round percentages to closest weight.


One or two "100%" kettlebells (one for snatch and one-arm long cycle, two for jerks and two-arm long cycle)


One or two each:  70%, 100%, 110%


One or two each: 50%, 70%, 90%, 100%, 110%, 120%


Full Set (2 KG increments)

Which Pro Kettlebells should I buy, Atlas or Apollo?


Atlas: It's roughly 20% smaller than Apollo in its body (the handle sizes are about the same, and the window - the space inside the handle - is actually a little larger in Atlas, making it a great handle for two-hand swings). Atlas' smaller size makes it easier to swing two bells between your legs and keeps the weights in better alignment with hip and shoulder joints for smaller framed people.

Apollo: Comparable to traditional competition kettlebells, its larger size is better suited for people roughly 5' 8" and taller. The larger size also means the contoured arm rests provide more surface area, making them even more comfortable in the rack position than Atlas - so a smaller person who is training long sets of jerk or long cycle may prefer Apollo for that reason.


Atlas (the smaller one): 4kg, 6kg,

and 8-24kg in 4kg increments

4kg/9lb, 6kg/13lb, 8kg/18lb, 12kg/26lb,

16kg/35lb, 20kg/44lb, 24kg/53lb

Apollo (the larger one): 8-32kg

in 4kg increments

8kg/18lb, 12kg/26lb, 16kg/35lb,

20kg/44lb, 24kg/53lb, 28kg/62lbs, 32kg/70lbs


Both Atlas and Apollo kettlebells have great balance and maneuverability.

Reasons to Choose Atlas: Atlas moves more quickly. If you like to sprint, juggle, or are used to more compact hardstyle kettlebells, you may prefer Atlas regardless of your size. 

Apollo: Apollo is a great fit for taller people with a broader frame. But if maximum comfort, heavy weights, or high repetition sport-type training are priorities, you may want to go with Apollo even if you're on the smaller side.

The takeaway: Atlas was designed for smaller people, and Apollo for larger, but truly, anyone can use either; you can't go wrong!

Can the magnetic chip weights be stacked?

We don't recommend it

Level Up Magnetic Chip Weights were designed to be used one at a time; we cannot recommend stacking them. While the magnets themselves are very strong, their pull is effected by the surface they're sticking to, and can also be reduced by prolonged exposure to heat (don't leave them sitting outside all summer in Arizona!). 

The inside of Pro Kettlebells are not all the same, as our finishing process has changed and refined over time since our first shipment.

A kettlebell with a smooth surface (especially if you have one with a steel plate affixed inside, like the 4kg and 6kg bells have) will provide total and direct contact with our magnets and may be challenging to remove.

A Pro Kettlebell with a rough interior and/or a thick clear-coat will reduce direct contact with the magnet enough that it can be removed far more easily.

Always test before using and use with precaution; keep a clear path in front and behind you while using.  Protect your belongings and people around you by assuming that the magnet could become detached at any time.


Kettlebells: We do have some inventory that may not be posted as available yet because it hasn't completed the finishing process, so check back often!

Our next big shipment of kettlebell inventory is due late November/early December 2022, which will be followed by a huge delivery early 2023.

Magnetic Chip Weights were delayed due to complications with the tooling, but the samples were made (they turned out awesome!) and the order is currently in production.

Despite the multiple unexpected delays, we still expect to begin shipping to customers in December, in time to make Christmas '22 delivery. We will be shipping the Pre-orders in the order received.

Do I have to be a certified personal trainer already to take your Professional Kettlebell Trainer Program?


This is a highly specialized exercise modality. You'll earn CEU's for your NASM certification upon completion if you have one, but you do not need a NASM or any other personal trainer certification to take, learn, and excel in this program.


Are kettlebell & magnet prices for one or pairs?

All prices are for individual products. When two products are shown in one picture, it's to compare angles or sizes.

don't worry!

Why can't I login/where's my order history?

We switched to a new website and online store provider but you can still login to the old one

To access orders placed prior to 10/28/2022, head to Pro Kettlebell (ecwid.com)

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