No Pain, No Gain? No More.
No Pain, No Gain? No More.
  • No Pain, No Gain? No More.

  • Pro Kettlebells are designed for high function & performance without hurting - so you can focus on your workout, not your forearm.

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Coined "The Ferrari of Kettlebells," Pro Kettlebells are designed to eliminate pain, fast-track the learning curve for those new to kettlebells, increase performance for experienced athletes, and add functionality to all kettlebell users. 

This is not a gimmick. It's an equipment advancement; just as tennis rackets are no longer made of wood and technology has influenced how olympic weightlifting bars are made, Pro Kettlebell's design was created by kettlebell coaches and athletes to improve the overall safety and quicken the rewards of using kettlebells.  It may take you a few workouts to adapt to them, but our customers will tell you... it's well worth it.  

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  Make your body stronger, leaner, more flexible and resilient in less time with proper kettlebell training. Pro Kettlebells are the first truly ergonomic kettlebell, and as a bonus can be used in...
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  Make your body stronger, leaner, more flexible and resilient in less time with proper kettlebell training. Pro Kettlebells are the first truly ergonomic kettlebell, and as a bonus can be used in...
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Each plate is designed with a sleek exterior, embossed labeling and finished with impermeable material for maximum durability. Experience hassle-free strength training like never before; take your...
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Based on 219 reviews
Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Stuart Lai (Seattle, US)
Fantastic bells

The bells really are great.

The handles are fantastic, very smooth, no creases. Some of the best handles i've ever used, IMO the handles are on par or better than KB USA's. The weight distribution is higher in the bell then other high-end kettlebells and in my opinion, this creates a smooth clean/snatch feeling.

The shape does help you self-correct and improve technique too. It has helped me with hand insertion timing on cleans and snatches.

"Level Up" Magnetic Plate Weight Chips
Marc Coronel (North Las Vegas, US)
It’s like a zipper or velcor, you’ll say how come I didn’t think of this!

Solving a problem you didn’t think you had is a skill, and Pro Kettlebell did exactly that. Solved a problem for discomfort and improving your strength by introducing the Magnetic Plate Weight Clips. I’m excited to start this journey.


Love this bell! Especially when doing getups.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Paul Noonan (Sandpoint, US)
Quality matters

Kettlebell construction has vastly improved in the recent years. These are good examples of this. The quality control is excellent. The finish easily accepts chalk and is easy on the hands. They have a nice wide base, that is flat, and able to balance on. The dimensions of the window, horn, and handle are very comfortable. This is my first time using the slanted bell shape, and it really does improve comfort and take pressure off the forearm. These are great to train with. You can't go wrong. Shipping and communication are superb. Would buy more and recommend.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Judi DeMuro (Croton-on-Hudson, US)

One request everyone should have a pair or a few Pro Kettlebells !!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Denis Vasilev (Castro Valley, US)
Pro Kettlebells for Sport use

If you was using other brands, you'll need a bit of time to get use to Pro Kettlebells, but it worth it.
Pro Kettlebells feels high quality: smooth handles, with a grip friendly 33mm diameter, good balance and weight distribution.
Unique design makes hand insertion comfortable and stable.
For those who will be using magnetic plates of additional weight (1 or 2kg), Pro Kettlebells will be an absolute joy: forget about trouble of your magnetic plate sliding away from the bottom of your kettlebell in the middle of your important set.
All Pro Kettlebells have a large diameter hollow space at the bottom that will fit the magnetic plate. It will get completely hidden, will never slide off. Because if it high position the center of gravity remains high which makes your lifting uninterrupted.
Denis Vasilev
Professional division multiple World Champion

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Jason Salgado (Queens, US)
Apollo 20Kg

Shipped quickly, arrived in mint condition, packaged for safety and taken on a quick ride for a 5min SA Jerk set; esquisitely crafted!

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Jorge Vasquez (San Antonio, US)
Best kettlebell’s out there!

Love my Pro Kettlebell’s!! Honestly you get what you pay for, Thank You Pro Kettlebell!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
John Harechmak (Incline Village, US)
I wish I found these earlier!

I have used several different brands of kettlebells. These are by far the best I have ever tried. The ergonomics of these are simply amazing. Also, the magnetic plates make going up in weight gradually a dream.

"Level Up" Magnetic Plate Weight Chips
Carl Neidholdt (Raymore, US)
Mag Chip Weight Plate

Works great Ann love it, works on all my bells

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Gary Cooper (Newburgh, US)
The Right One

I'm 66 and brand new to kettlebells. We have a very limited amount of kettlebells at the gym I belong to. I tried them out just to figure out what weight I wanted to buy. My son recently purchased some Pro Kettlebells and recomended these to me. I am pretty spend thrifty so did some research to better understand why there are cost differences between kettlebell companys. After reading several reviews, it became clear that this would be a one time purchase for me and I don't have the time for trial and error. The thing that stood out in all the reviews was how these things were more comfortable to use. That's what made me decide on the Pro Kettlebells. The bell came about a week later and immediatly after pulling it from the box, my first thought was that it was lighter than I thought it would be. The same weight at the Gym seemed heavier and more clumsy to use. This thing fit right to my hand and wrist like a quality glove. I was further impressed with the color blue. I got the 12 kg compitition color. It looks silky smooth and shiney. The handle has no finish, just pure metal and gives my hands a little bit of grip slip to avoid blisters. It is just a pleasure to use and I am very satisfied and would buy again.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Brandon Lacy (Tucson, US)
Looks fantastic

I just got 2 20 kg Apollo bells in and they are awesome!!! I have put them through one workout so far but the weight distribution is great and I love how they fall right into place on my arm. Definitely will be buying more

Love it!

This kettlebell is very comfortable for me. Especially when doing getups!

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Donica Storino (Oakhurst, US)
Atlas Bell

Best Kettlebells ever made.
Far superior to any of the other bells.
The ergonomics of the design leaves no pressure on the wrist. The design has less drag on the downswing enabling you get more reps and less strain on your back.

Love. Love. Love the kettlebells!
I've used them all and honestly I don't even want to lift if I am not using my Prokettlebells!

Magnetic Chip 2kg Weight

NOTE: please make sure to put the strap properly on the magnet. These magnet are very strong once attached to the KB.
i have a pair of 8kg, 16kg and 32kg
having pair of magnetic chips has allowed me to have 10, 18 and 34kg so allows more versatility of the weight. Definitely concur to Mark Wildman's video review of these magnets.
like the Pro KB beautiful made with quality

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Nadeem (Ilford, GB)
Amazing Apollo KB

please please please anyone when once purchase these awesome KB makes sure to watch Nikolai's instruction video about how you hold the KB.
I was arrogant enough to ignore it initially, due to having my previous kettlebell since 2012 , caused a slight bruised my upper forearm near the wrist lol.
after watching that video properly and applying the north grip i can do the snatch and clean with ease. The handle for the grip is amazing. As all my KB are the same size with different weights, these KB gives the discipline of sticking to the same technique, so your training/technique is more consistent.
Pro Kettlebell has evolved the kettlebells, beautiful made with no short cuts in the quality.
Big congrats on that and I pray every success to this company

"Level Up" Magnetic Plate Weight Chips
Michele Castellano (Rome, IT)
Best kb magnetic tool

I am writing from Italy and I can only recommend the company both for precision in shipments and for quality, the top!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Vance W. (Bend, US)
Great System!

I really love the Pro Kettlebell system. Right now I own every weight from 4kg to 32kg. The level up magnetic weight plates makes it possible to do many double KB exercises by using two 2KG magnetic weightsI. have not tried snatch with that set up, but swings and clean & press works fine. The magnetic plates don’t seem to move at all. The attached picture is a 20KG leveled up to 24KG

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Suzanne Wakelin (Los Angeles, US)
Terrific product and excellent customer service

So happy that I began my kettlebell journey with ProKettlebell. I love the ergonomic design and the fact that I can get all the benefits of the exercise without injury. Thank you Nikolai and Amber!!!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Marvin Juarez (Egg Harbor City, US)
Have not received it.

Have not recurve my purchase. Reached out to the company for eta and did not get a redone.

Hi Marvin,

I just sent you an update from UPS on the tracking for your kettlebell.

I'm really sorry that your kettlebell did not ship when it was supposed to. I sent our shipping department the order and your shipping label on the 18th and did not realize until you messaged us yesterday that somehow yours and a few other orders that I had sent at the same time still hadn't shipped. They should have shipped that day. That realization caused a bit of a hiccup internally as we were trying to figure out what happened and make sure they went out immediately. Throughout all that I got distracted and forgot to email you back yesterday to let you know what was going on. I'm really sorry! But it did ship today and is due to arrive Wednesday.

This is not normal for us and I hate that your impression of Pro Kettlebell has started out rocky. I hope you love the kettlebell and find it was worth the wait - looking forward to proving it is worth more than 1 star!

Please let me know if I can do anything else for you in the meantime.


Amber Puchlov

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Calvin Cooper (Philadelphia, US)
Apollo Line (A newbie's review)

Awesome kettlebells! They are super fun to use and they feel great.

I'm coming from using strictly cast iron bells. Going from my 16kg cast iron bell and then using a Pro Kettlebell... Holy cow... it's night and day. I have such a better experience when I use the Pro Kettlebell. I can't imagine I'll ever go back to using my cast iron bells. I love the magnet weight to give me that in between bell as well. My only regret is not purchasing these sooner.

I love my home gym and I love my equipment. I can say, undoubtedly, the Pro Kettlebells are some of the most beautiful and well made pieces of equipment I own.

Thank you Pro Kettlebell. These bells are awesome!

Thank you so much, Calvin!

"Level Up" Magnetic Plate Weight Chips
George Marodis (Birmingham, US)
Nice Magnet

Like having a new kettlebell but cheaper

Thank you for the review!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Kimberly Fox (Bentonville, US)
Sturdy Girl

Love these bells. They feel so stable when you hold them in overhead lockout. Because of their weight distribution the feel so fast in the snatch and clean.

Thank you so much!

"Level Up" Magnetic Plate Weight Chips
Cyril Tan (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Fits the pro kb perfectly

The best thing is that it doesn’t alter the balance of the prokettlebell. Well done.

Thank you so much! We are so thankful to you for bringing Pro Kettlebells and the chip weights all the way to Malaysia!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
David Cebuhar (Roseville, US)
Game changer

I love how these bells feel, and I think they are really going to help improve my athletic performance and help me keep up with my kids! Thank you guys for an amazing product.

Thank you so much, David!

What to Expect from Our Kettlebells What to Expect from Our Kettlebells
Why pro kettlebell?

What to Expect from Our Kettlebells

Our Mission

Pro Kettlebell's mission includes making the most comfortable, functional, and beautiful kettlebells in the world, which is why you’ll find our shop the best place to buy kettlebells. 

Handmade in the U.S.A., our kettlebells help you get faster results and are so enjoyable to use, you’ll be constantly looking forward to your next workout.

The ergonomic and multifunctional design helps you exercise more efficiently and with the best possible technique, no matter your level of fitness expertise.

The History

When you’re searching where to purchase kettlebells, you should look to the experts. We’re professional trainers, coaches and competitive kettlebell lifters who spent over a decade working thousands of clients prior to designing the Pro Kettlebell - we understood what you want to get out of your kettlebell experience and how desining a better kettlebell could help give you that. 

With our patented kettlebell design and online training, you’ll have a great time and feel comfortable and confident handling kettlebells. 

Here’s what to expect when you purchase kettlebells from our kettlebell online store:

Contoured Arm Rests

Pro Kettlebell’s patented, contoured arm rests promote proper technique by guiding your arm to its most ergonomic position. Unlike other kettlebells, where so much of the weight presses into your forearm at one spot (causing painful bumps and bruises), this contouring spreads the weight of the kettlebell across your forearm. Buy kettlebells from our online store and you'll be able to lift more weight and/or lift more often without injury.

Uniform Sizes

All "Apollo" kettlebells (our larger kettlebells) and all "Atlas" kettlebells (our smaller kettlebells) are the same size and shape regardless of weight.

This consistency allows you to keep your technique the same as you move between lighter and heavier bells, resulting in seamless and safer workouts.

Hollow Cores

The weight of each bell is determined by how hollow the kettlebell is. We designed the hollow core to be flat on the inside so you can add one of our magnetic chip weights. 

This design keeps the center of mass as high as possible, which allows for maximum control while maneuvering the kettlebell. You'll find your ballistic kettlebell moves like cleans, jerks and snatches much cleaner when you order kettlebells online with Pro Kettlebell.

Safety & Function

The Flat Spot

The flat "face" of the Pro Kettlebell allows it to lay on its side and become a stable platform for exercises like kettlebell pushups. 

Also, in case you were to lose control and drop it during a swing, snatch, or while kettlebell juggling (it's a thing!) the flat spot keeps the kettlebell from rolling and potentially damaging something or someone in its path.

The Handles

The horns (the parallel sides of the handle) are designed for ergonomics while holding the kettlebell both right-side up and upside-down.  This makes it more comfortable and versatile than other kettlebells. 

The handles are 34mm (Atlas) and 35mm (Apollo) and come unfinished so they hold chalk beautifully. 

They’re polished smooth on the top and underside, but we leave a little texture on the sides for extra grip that makes them easier to hold and feel lighter when swinging.

Wide-Rimmed Bases

The base ring (the bottom) of a Pro Kettlebell is proportionatley wider than other kettlebells, providing more stability when performing exercises like renegade rows where you're planking on the handles.

This base ring also has a smooth edge so you can grip it, allowing for an extra hand-hold on the bottom.

This is something unique to our kettlebells, and just one of the elements that make our kettlebells for sale the best of the market.

Beautiful Finishes

Why We Do It Differently

Kettlebells are typically painted to hide the imperfections of their casting. The incredible quality of our castings allows us to not have to paint them. 

Our decision to not paint all Pro Kettlebells began with a few major pet peeves from running a kettlebell gym for years: the hours we'd spend stripping handles of the clear coat they come with (for them to hold chalk properly), and of course, paint chips. 

Kettlebells get banged together no matter what, and before you know it, your painted kettlebell is chipping all over, the flakes of paint stick to your arms and are somehow immune from being vacuumed up from the floor. 

So, we decided to clear-coat them as the stock option and keep the handles bare.  The bare iron handle feels great on your skin, holds chalk beautifully and provides the perfect amount of "grip and slip" which reduces developing callouses or tearing your hands. The only caveat is that they are not as protected from rusting.

Wipe the handles dry and store indoors.  In a humid environment, wrap a towel around the handle or keep in a tupperware tote to prevent rusting. If they do get rusty, you can use a magic erase, sandpaper, or "Bar Keepers Friend" (comes in a can like Comet) to easily remove it.

Searching where to purchase kettlebells? We’ve got you covered. Browse our kettlebell online store today.