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90% of People Hold Kettlebells the Wrong Way

Learn & Practice Proper Technique with Kettlebell Training Gloves

Kettlebell training has become a staple in many fitness routines due to its ability to engage multiple muscle groups and deliver a myriad of benefits during one short workout. However, the effectiveness of that workout can be compromised if you don't pay attention to the way you hold the kettlebell, which is why we created Pro Kettlebell Training Gloves - to facilitate easier and faster learning.

 In this blog, we'll delve into the importance of holding kettlebells correctly and introduce a tool that's a great assistant coach: kettlebell training gloves. They'll help you focus on techniques that not only maximize your workout but also ensure the safety of your hands and forearms.

The Usual Suspects: Common Errors

When you haven’t been taught any different, it’s completely natural to grab a kettlebell in the same manner you hold a dumbbell, with the bar lying across the center of your palm.  The problem is that this grip is limiting and also not the safest way to hold and use a kettlebell.  It allows your wrist to bend backward, tightens your finger flexors which in turn fatigues your forearm muscles quickly, and can cause excessive friction in your palm, leading to hand tears.

Actually, even when you've seen and heard how to hold a kettlebell the right way, it can still be difficult to perform - especially when you're not sure whether or not you are indeed doing it correctly. Which is why we've designed Pro Kettlebell Training Gloves.

Fingers and Heels, Not Palms:

Swinging and Below-the-Waist Holds:

With or without kettlebell training gloves on, when engaging in swinging movements with a kettlebell, create a hook with your fingers and use that hook to hold the handle.   This provides a great balance of strength and enhanced control over the kettlebell and also prevents excessive friction that can lead to skin tearing. If you're not specifically training your grip, using this hook grip for deadlifts and other below-the-waist holds as well.

Catching and Above-the-Waist Holds: 

Whether you're catching the kettlebell in the rack position or holding it overhead, it can be helpful to think of taking the weight of the kettlebell with your arm, not your hand.  Avoid holding the handle across the center of your palm and let the bottom end of the handle fall across the heel of your palm at a diagonal, as seen is this picture of our kettlebell training gloves. This ensures a secure and stable hold with maximum leverage over the kettlebell.

Preserving Grip Strength

One of the main reasons we created kettlebell training gloves for emphasizing the correct kettlebell grip is to preserve your grip strength and hands throughout your workout. If your hands or forearms give out prematurely, you may not reap the full benefits of the exercises. Rather than developing a habit of using kettlebell training gloves to protect your skin, use these to help learn and practice how to hold a kettlebell correctly, extend the duration of your workout and optimize the engagement of various muscle groups.

Introducing Pro Kettlebell Training Gloves:

To aid in perfecting your kettlebell grip, we've developed Pro Kettlebell Training Gloves. 

These gloves serve as a textural and visual aid, helping you confirm whether you're holding the kettlebell in the correct manner.

These kettlebell training gloves feature a design where proper aligning of the handle hides the diagonal line reading "Pro Kettlebell" and reveals our distinctive "K" logo. 

Remember the mantra: "If I can see the K, it's OK!" Use a mirror or a partner to check for that K and ensure your grip aligns with the recommended technique.

Using Pro Kettlebell Training Gloves:

  • Utilize the kettlebell training gloves to visualize, practice, and confirm your grip.
  • Line up the handle to hide the "Pro Kettlebell" text and reveal the "K" logo.
  • Employ a mirror or a partner to verify the correct grip position.
  • The slippery nature of the cotton gloves also facilitates the handle slipping into position - over gripping is a huge contributor to holding the kettlebell the wrong way. 

Having trouble lining up the handle in the correct position during your cleans and snatches?  Watch the video below for some quick and helpful tips!

Bonus Technique: Glove Snatch for Experienced Lifters:

Experienced lifters can take advantage of Pro Kettlebell Training Gloves for "glove snatch" practice. Swinging, cleaning and snatching with cotton kettlebell training gloves eliminates the friction typically created by your skin texture and helps mimic grip fatigue, so you can train the physical adjustments required at the end of a long set when that grip fatigue sets in, and it becomes necessary to recruit different techniques and muscles to launch the kettlebell upward.


Mastering how to hold a kettlebell is not only about maximizing the effectiveness of your workout but also ensuring the safety and longevity of your hands and forearms. By following the recommended techniques and incorporating Pro Kettlebell Training Gloves into your training, you can elevate your kettlebell experience and unlock the full potential of this dynamic and versatile fitness tool.

If you have any questions or need guidance on this or any topic, book an introductory online coaching call with me here

Stay strong and keep training with those kettlebell training gloves! Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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