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Welcome to Pro Kettlebell - A Brief Summary of What We Do

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Master Kettlebells and Move Your Body Like an Athlete with Premium, Ergonomic Pro Kettlebells and Online Training

Why Pro Kettlebell Exists

Are you tired of painful and unproductive workouts, struggling with improper techniques and subpar equipment? Say goodbye to the bruises and tender forearms that interrupt your training. Pro Kettlebell is here to make your workouts your favorite hobby, not a chore. 

Everything Pro Kettlebell creates comes from a place of absolute love for kettlebells, kettlebell workouts, and the amazing members we've been working with since 2012 when head coach and co-owner Nikolai Puchlov shifted into full-time work as a personal trainer.

Over the following years, those first handful of clients cascaded into the world-renowned, hopping Seattle Kettlebell Club, where we every day we dreamed about what could make working out with kettlebells an even better experience for our members.  In 2020, those dreams transferred to reality when our first (of many) Pro Kettlebell prototypes was born, leading to the Atlas and Apollo models that are changing kettlebell workouts around the world today.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality:

  • kettlebells
  • kettlebell accessories
  • kettlebell workouts
  • kettlebell certification programs and
  •  kettlebell events 

So you can trust your equipment, trust what you're learning, and trust your training program, and enjoy your muscles doing the workout without giving yourself a headache or even a single doubt wondering how.

Take a look around Pro Kettlebell and join us on the journey! 

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