Pro Kettlebell Level Up Magnetic Plate Weight Chips: Revolutionizing Weight Training

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Level Up Magnetic Plate Weight Chips with 4kg Pro Kettlebell

Kettlebell Revolution: Use Magnetic Plate Weight Chips for Quick, Effective Kettlebell Workouts

Have you ever wished you had a larger variety of kettlebell weights to choose from for your workouts, but don't have the space or budget to expand your collection?  Or do you have an adjustable kettlebell that ends up staying the same weight throughout every workout because it would slow you down too much to change it?  We've personally experienced these problems as kettlebell enthusiasts, which is why we created a solution:  Pro Kettlebell Level Up Magnetic Plate Weight Chips. 

If you're not equipped with an extensive collection of kettlebells, it can be challenging to optimize your workout and progress effectively.

Adjustable kettlebells, while practical, can sometimes hinder the flow of your workout, as changing their weight can be time-consuming.

These innovative chip weights solve both of those problems. Not only do they save you space by decreasing the number of kettlebells needed but they also save you money; add one magnetic plate to one Pro Kettlebell and bam, you have the equivalent of two different Pro Kettlebells.  In just seconds, you can pop one in or out to change the weight of your kettlebell, making it an essential part of a perfectly customized weightlifting routine. 

Designed to work perfectly with both Atlas and Apollo Pro Kettlebells, these magnetic plates can also be used as stand-alone hand weights, used with other brand kettlebells, or placed on any surface that is flat and magnetic

Micro-Loading for Optimal Performance

Micro-loading is a technique used to increase weight in small increments, allowing for a more gradual progression in weight training. This technique is crucial for optimum performance and strength gains as it allows the body to adapt to the increasing weight without overloading the muscles. 

Level Up Magnetic Plate Weight Chips are a micro-loading dream; an indispensable tool for kettlebell and other weightlifters. Our magnetic plate chips come in 1kg and 2kg weight increments and are extremely accurate, allowing you to fine-tune your weightlifting routine and level up the efficiency of your strength and endurance workouts. 

Versatility in Usage

These magnetic plates were designed to fit perfectly within the hollow inside of Pro Kettlebells, creating additional and seamless weight transitions between the standard 4kg jumps in Pro Kettlebells.

Beyond their compatibility with Pro Kettlebells, Level Up Magnetic Plate Weight Chips can be used on any flat and magnetic surface. They are perfect for home gym setups, Adex Clubs or traveling athletes who need weights that are easy to transport.  You can also wrap the straps around your hands and use them instead of dumbbells for weighted shadow boxing and lightweight fitness training workouts a la Tracy Anderson Method or blogilates.

Pro Kettlebells Level Up Magnetic Plate Weight Chips are truly versatile, making them a must-have in the fitness and weightlifting world.

Decrease the Need for Multiple Kettlebells

At Seattle Kettlebell Club, we were bootstrapping from Day 1 and it took years and three location moves to gain the amount of space and kettlebells we wanted and needed for our busy kettlebell classes.  (If you didn't watch the video above, jump to this part of the video for more on this topic).  

That was one of our driving motivations for creating these; a magnetic plate keeps you from having to sacrifice the quality and fun of your kettlebell workouts when you have limited space and budget.  With Pro Kettlebells Level Up Magnetic Plate Weights, you can easily alter your kettlebell's weight by popping on and off the magnetic plate weights. 

Save Time and Money

Pro Kettlebells Level Up Magnetic Plate Weight Chips decrease the number of kettlebells you need to buy and they're not specific to a particular kettlebell; they're versatile!  When you use them on a variety of kettlebells and exercise equipment, you're not just increasing your kettlebell inventory but also increasing their value by using them on a number of other iron and steel gym devices (like clubs and maces), too.

Consistent with the mission of saving you time, these weights can be changed in seconds, allowing you to focus on your weight training routine without the hassle of tools and the time an adjustable kettlebell requires.  Don't disrupt the flow of your workout.  Streamline your workout with magnetic plate use and focus on your weight training routine without any unnecessary interruptions.

Level Up Magnetic Plate Weight Chips: A Must Have in Your Gym

In summary, Pro Kettlebell Level Up Magnetic Plate Weight Chips are a game-changer in the world of weight training and kettlebell lifting. Their versatility, precision, and cost-saving capabilities make them a must-have for anyone seeking to enhance their weight training routine. By decreasing the need for multiple kettlebells, facilitating micro-loading, and streamlining workouts, these magnetic plate weights are revolutionizing the kettlebell fitness and sport industry. 

Whether you're a novice or an experienced lifter, these magnetic plate weights can help you achieve your strength and endurance goals efficiently and effectively. Make the smart investment in your fitness journey and level up with Pro Kettlebell Level Up Magnetic Plate Weight Chips.

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