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Green Colored Competition Kettlebells

Iron Skittles, Anyone? Colored Kettlebells! Atlas and Apollo are Ready for Competition

In the first three years of designing and bringing Pro Kettlebells to the market, we quickly earned a reputation for being "The Ferrari of Kettlebells" and raised eyebrows over our clear-finished kettlebells.  (Most competition kettlebells are colored kettlebells, not black, and certainly not our signature clear coated.)

The reason we initially decided not to have colored kettlebells was twofold.

1) We found the raw metal attractive and classy. Especially en masse. 

2) After running a very busy kettlebell gym for years upon years, we were REALLY TIRED of our gym floor covered with paint chips from the colored kettlebells, paint flakes stuck to our forearms after a workout, and new colored kettlebells chipping and looking old within just a couple of uses.

So, we stuck with clear coat and black urethane coating for Pro Kettlebells.

It took trying more coatings than we can count before finding the urethane clear coat we now use and love for our colored kettlebells. It stands up to rust and looks glossy and beautiful. It almost looks wet.

The Most Durable Kettlebell Finish

After settling on the clear urethane for our kettlebells because of its glossy finish and excellent rust prevention, we discovered it's like the Hulk of coatings. 

Sure, if you bang and bang two hunks of iron together you're going to break through the coating, but it's NOTHING like what happens with the powder coats and regular paint we're all used to on our colored kettlebells.

These colored kettlebells can take a beating and still come out looking beautiful.

And guess what.

This awesome product is available in colors.

It's not paint. It's not powder coat.  It's super durable, industrial urethane. 

If it's so awesome, why doesn't everyone else use it?

Because it's expensive.

But if you know us, you know we don't want to skimp on quality.  We didn't start Pro Kettlebell to be the cheapest; we started it to provide the best kettlebells and experience we could imagine for our customers.   So, when kettlebell sport athletes continued to ask for colored kettlebells and we were able to source this product, we were happy.

The International Kettlebell Color Code

Not only are our new kettlebells beautiful and durable, but our colored kettlebells utilize the international-standard coded competition colors (mostly).

So, you can feel like a pro when you're swinging that yellow 16kg kettlebell around. 

For all you pink lovers out there, don't take it personally that the pink is missing. This product doesn't come in pink, and rather go with an inferior solution, we're opting to use black for the 8kg.  It's not as flashy, but it is classy.  

Besides, Ferraris don't come in pink either, and we've taken a liking to our nickname “The Ferrari of Kettlebells”  (thank you for starting that, Mark Wildman!).

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