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Drill: The Flat-Foot Triple Extension

Here's a pro tip for intermediate to advanced kettlebell lifters from Cam Konig, aka @fatbellyrack and his wife Cheryl Swann, aka @kettlebellsanddoughnuts.

To develop more power through your quads, hips, glutes and core, practice the triple extension phase of the jerk (the bump) without using your feet (coming up on your toes).

Cam discovered weightlifters utilized this training technique to develop explosiveness for their Olympic lifts and adapted it for use with kettlebells when his wife developed plantar fasciitis after a foot injury and was unable to perform a traditional triple extension.

So, whether you want to develop extra power or need a workaround to protect an injury, "flat-foot triple extension" is a great tool to add to your kettlebell exercise repertoire.

-Nikolai Puchlov

Head Coach

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