5 Reasons Why Kids Need Kettlebells

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5 Reasons Why Kids Need Kettlebells - Pro Kettlebell

1. Because Screen-Time and Sitting. 'Nuff Said.

Many schools aren’t prioritizing fitness in their curriculum, so kids are spending more and more time at a desk, not to mention their smart phones.

Kettlebells are a great way for kids to get stronger, develop coordination, and build confidence when they’re not able to do those things in school or in play.

Working with kettlebells strengthens the posterior chain, which counteracts all the sedentary time.

Kettlebell workouts like we do at Pro Kettlebell are great for teaching kids and adults alike how to move their body and lift properly in the first place, so that when they get older, and they’re lifting weights or moving heavy things, they’ll be able to do that more safely.

2. Every Body Type is A Great Body Type For Kettlebells

When you think about sports like football or basketball, certain body types have advantages or disadvantages depending on the person's body type. Also, during puberty years kids are developing at different rates, so adolescence may feel insecure about the changes their bodies are going through. Kettlebell workouts cater to a variety of body types and fitness levels.

Instead of someone feeling ashamed about being a little bit heavier, they’re able to move those bells a little easier and feel good about the size that they are. And a tall and skinny kid will lift with a little more leverage, and they’ll feel good about being tall and skinny. So, it’s a huge confidence booster, no matter your body type.

3. Kettlebell Sport Is A Year-Round Sport That Can Be Performed Indoors

Those who live in dense city areas may not have access to open spaces and parks, so kids are spending a lot of time indoors.

Because of the lack of outdoor activity, at a young age kids are almost immediately exposed to cell phones and tablets, and it forces them into a bad position where they’re hunched over with their head hanging forward and shoulders slouched. Along with that, kids spend hours every week sitting in a classroom and studying, which also leads to bad posture. Every kettlebell exercise counter that and strengthens opposing muscles.

4. Kettlebell Training is A Great Way To Beat Stress and Anxiety

So many people start working out for the fitness but stay for the stress-relief. Kids are no different. Kettlebells have a calming effect since when you’re doing them, you can’t really think about anything else, so it really stills the mind. It’s almost meditative.

5. Kettlebell Training Teaches Discipline and Goal Setting

While many fitness practices tend to focus on pushing your body to its limits during every workout, kettlebell training - especially kettlebell sport training - focus on small and obtainable goals. Kids get an effective workout without getting burnt out, because they’ll reach small milestones over the course of a program versus trying to do anything too physically daunting, too quickly.
All in all, kids and adults both benefit from kettlebell training, and we've seen and heard great stories of parents and kids working out side-by-side to Pro Kettlebell workouts.

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