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Are you passionate about fitness and eager to elevate your career as a kettlebell trainer?

Pro Kettlebell's Neu Iron Professional Kettlebell Training Program (PKTP) is your golden ticket to success. In this article, we'll explore how PKTP can empower you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the world as a kettlebell trainer

PKTP: The Best Kettlebell Trainer Certification

Unlike many certifications that emphasize a high fail rate, the PKTP takes a different approach to paving your success as a  kettlebell trainer

We believe that true mastery comes from understanding - not just repeating - exercises and the rhyme and reason to employing different methods and techniques. 

The Neu Iron Professional Kettlebell Trainer Program is designed to foster kettlebell trainers with a deep comprehension of kettlebell training who can pass on that knowledge to others quickly, effectively and safely.  

The PKTP Journey

This kettlebell trainer program is a comprehensive 100-hour digital course that expands on the in-house certification we've been developing since 2016. 

The original program was created out of necessity because although trainers were coming to us with kettlebell certifications, they were not skilled or knowledgeable enough to teach group kettlebell classes or work as a private kettlebell trainer at our gym.   

Over the years, we learned from experience that it took roughly one month of daily, in-person teaching and practice to get a new kettlebell trainer prepared to teach a class or take on a private client… which worked out to roughly 100-hours, so that's how we landed on a framework of 100-hours for the PKTP online kettlebell trainer program.

Here's a glimpse into what this program entails:

1. Mastery of Kettlebell Techniques: You'll walk away from any kettlebell trainer certification with more knowledge, a better swing, and excited to put everything you've learned into practice, but there's more to being a successful instructor than having good technique yourself, and most trainers and certifications teach only the specific, preferred techniques of its founder.

To be the most helpful you can possibly be as a kettlebell trainer, and a true expert, you should be able to understand, know when to employ, and master multiple techniques that work for various body types and pre-existing limitations.

2. Effective Teaching: Effective communication is essential for any kettlebell trainer. The PKTP helps you develop a range of teaching cues to guide clients and athletes effectively, regardless of their background. 

Over the course of the program, you will learn a variety of skills, and practice teach so you can learn to quickly recall which of those methods and techniques will most benefit your clients.

You'll have multiple cues in your pocket for teaching them on the spot.

What works for you - the instructor - is simply not going to work for everyone else. Unfortunately, using a kettlebell for ballistic moves like swings, cleans, snatches, and jerks, is not like riding a bike. 

We need to practice and develop muscle memory.  For effective retention, it's important to practice one exercise, style or technique repeatedly before adding layers.

This is why we think it's so important to spend the time on the 100-Hour program rather than earning a certification over a weekend workshop.

3. Learning Resources: Access an instructor manual, training videos, and a treasure trove of knowledge curated by our experts. This wealth of resources ensures that you have all the tools you need to succeed.

The Benefits of PKTP Certification

Personalized Guidance

One of the highlights of PKTP is the opportunity for a 1:1 online meetings with Nikolai Puchlov, one of the founders of Pro Kettlebell. This personal interaction allows you to gain insights from an industry expert and refine your skills.

Exclusive Discount

Enjoy a 20% discount at the store for one year with the VIP card you'll be issued after you join.  (The discount covers both kettlebells and magnetic chips as well as other accessories.)

While you can complete the PKTP with any kettlebells, Pro Kettlebells are designed for optimal performance and durability, and they'll serve as trusted companions and teaching guides on your kettlebell trainer journey.  

You'll find them especially helpful when completing the physical test portion of the kettlebell trainer test, where women will need a pair of 10kg kettlebells and men a pair of 16kg kettlebell to pass. Click here to check out the physical test requirements.


Upon successful completion of PKTP, you'll earn 1.9 Continuing Education Units (CEU's) accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). This certification not only enhances your professional credentials but also opens up new avenues in the fitness industry.

Flexible, Self-Paced Learning
We understand that everyone has a unique schedule and pace of learning, which is why we offer up to one year to meet the testing requirements

This flexibility ensures that you can integrate the program into your life comfortably while absorbing the kettlebell trainer knowledge thoroughly.

What Are You Waiting For?!

There's more than one way to swing a kettlebell, but many organizations and trainers are dogmatic in their approach

In our opinion, a truly professional trainer understands and can program and teach to the goals and unique body of the individual in question. 

Kettlebell lifting is so much more than just "hardstyle" or "kettlebell sport." 

Your success as a trainer will skyrocket when you can quickly and confidently use and choose the right exercise and technique for the job, keeping your clients safe, happy and returning week after week with tactical kettlebell training.

Pro Kettlebell's Neu Iron Professional Kettlebell Trainer Program (the PKTP) is your passport to becoming a certified kettlebell trainer. Acquire a deep understanding of kettlebell training, access comprehensive resources, receive personal guidance, and equip yourself with top-quality equipment. Earn CEU's and enjoy exclusive discounts, all while following a self-paced structure with retesting options.

Join the PKTP today and embark on a transformative journey toward certification and a thriving career as a professional kettlebell trainer. 

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