Silence is Golden: How to Swing and Clean Double Kettlebells without Banging

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Three Reasons to Clean Kettlebells Without Banging

Are you making a racket swinging double kettlebells?

 A little "kiss" between kettlebells is one thing, but a double KO is another.

If you're serious about swinging kettlebells, here are THREE compelling reasons why you should try to swing and clean kettlebells without banging together between your legs. 

1) Boost Your Speed

Banging your kettlebells together can negatively impact your efficiency and slow you down. Instead of smoothly transitioning from one clean to the next like speeding on a freshly paved highway, you're micro-stopping and starting, like driving on a gravel road or hitting a pothole.  You may not notice it but over time that can wear out your figurative tires.

2) Prevent Injury

If you're banging the bells together, there's a good chance that your technique is off; you're not in as much control of the movement as you could be, and possibly putting unnecessary strain on your back. 

A proper double kettlebell clean involves keeping the bells moving parallel to each other and high between your legs as you swing, to smoothly transition from one clean to the next. 

If you can swing and clean kettlebells without banging, it is a testament to your proficiency - congratulations!

3) Keep Your Kettlebells Looking and Feeling Great

Banging your kettlebells together can cause your coating to scratch or chip. Over time, this can lead to damage that may make your kettlebells less comfortable and enjoyable to use or look at. 

 Avoid wear and tear and treat your bells like the gems they are.

How to Swing and Clean Double Kettlebells without Banging

Knowing why you don't want to clank your bells is half the battle, and we're here to arm you with our two top-notch tips. 

But wait, because a video is truly worth a million words, we're going to make you watch our mind-blowing three-minute video we made specifically for this occasion. 

You won't be able to blank out the knowledge gained from it.  You're welcome.

Stay strong and (quietly) swing on.

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