Top 5 Benefits of Using Kettlebells

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Kettlebells - Pro Kettlebell

1. A seriously strong physique.

A good kettlebell workout doesn’t require you to use heavy weight. Kettlebells are best used for lots of repetitions with lighter weight. By lifting lighter longer, you’re being gentler on your joints AND you end up lifting 30-50% more total weight than you would in a traditional weightlifting workout. The result is long, lean muscle which yields amazing strength and muscular endurance.

2. A faster metabolism to help you lose or maintain your weight, give you more energy and help you feel better.

Interval training and lifting kettlebells in a high-intensity (but low-impact) manner like we do at Pro Kettlebell elevates your metabolism and provides a post-workout after burn. This means on top of the massive calories you burn during a kettlebell workout (one ACE study reported over 800 calories/per hr) you’ll continue to burn at a higher rate than you normally would up to 14 hours after you’ve finished. ​

3. Feeling better now than you did 10 years ago by being active without injury… no matter how old you are.

Lifting kettlebells does a remarkable job of increasing bone, tendon and ligament strength. Ligaments and tendons take twice as long to adapt to the stress of weight lifting, so a lighter-weight/high-volume approach is the safest approach to increasing weight lifted; especially for people over 30 who begin to lose strength in these areas unless they proactively train them.

4. Living a long, happy life as a champion.

The strength and cardiovascular training that occurs during an intense kettlebell workout helps regulate blood pressure and lowers your resting heart rate. Lower blood pressure has been linked to living longer, and many of our members have reported being taken off blood pressure medications after coming to class regularly. A lower resting heart rate typically indicates a healthier heart and is an important aspect of being an endurance athlete. Lots of marathon runners and triathletes train with Pro Kettlebell.

5. Having a quick-mind and being able to call yourself ‘coordinated.’

A lesser known but super-beneficial aspect of kettlebell lifting is its effect on the central nervous system. In kettlebell lifting like we do at Pro Kettlebell, you’re working out your nervous system by constantly and quickly alternating between tensing and relaxing your muscles. The main functions of the central nervous system are sensory, communicative, integrative and motor functions, so don’t be surprised if after using kettlebells you find yourself more coordinated and thinking more quickly and clearly.

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