Should You Wear Gloves When Kettlebell Lifting? Only For Glove Snatch!

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Should You Wear Gloves When Kettlebell Lifting? Only For Glove Snatch! - Pro Kettlebell

According to world champion Valery Fedorenko, "to be good at snatch you must do snatch."

Now, to be great at snatch requires much more hard work and dedication, but you can start with this...

The glove snatch.

The reason this drill is so awesome is that the cotton gloves reduce the friction from your hands, making the bell feel much heavier than it really is.

Initially, as your grip fatigues you will learn to adapt your technique to what we call "survival snatch." This technique is a much more vertical snatch, with a lot more emphasis on using the legs to absorb the weight.

This training comes in handy during the final minute or two of a particularly long and grueling set.

As you perform the glove snatch more frequently you will learn & hone the techniques necessary to prolong your stamina from the beginning, such as using a loose hook grip, utilizing the full extent of your pendulum and many others you can learn from our online kettlebell classes.

How To Glove Snatch

  1. Find yourself a pair of cotton gloves. Any type will do, but the less grip the better. We get our plain white 100% cotton gloves s in the gardening section of the grocery store.

  2. Pick your kettlebell. Whatever your normal snatch weight is, cut that weight in half.

  3. Perform a snatch set for 6 minutes (3-minutes on the left and 3-minutes on the right). Try to maintain near the same pace that you normally perform at.

Add this drill to the end of one workout per week, adding one minute each week until you're able to perform 10-minutes straight (5-minutes on the left and 5-minutes on the right). After completing this process once, a great goal is to repeat it with slightly heavier weight until you're able to do 10-minutes with 70% of your normal snatch weight.

If you can do that, I promise you "Snatchimal" status.

WARNING: The first few times trying this is brutal! Make sure there is nothing that you love or breakable in front or behind you, because bells do occasionally fly from the hand unexpectedly.  -Nikolai Puchlov

Head Coach & Founder

Seattle Kettlebell Club & Pro Kettlebell

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