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Kettlebell 365: Daily Kettlebell Challenge!

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A Year of Daily Shortcuts to a Lasting Fitness Triumph: A Kettlebell Challenge for Anyone


Embark on a fitness journey created for the busiest lifestyle, where a bitesize daily practice paves the way to an awesome fitness goal without becoming overwhelmed.  

Perfect for busy people who haven’t had time or effective motivation to get stronger every day, Kettlebell 365 is a kettlebell challenge allowing you to add fun and effective exercise into your life quickly, easily, and without needing a new gym membership, expensive personal trainer, or an indulgent amount of time.

Imagine the satisfaction of consistent progress. Imagine saying goodbye to the feeling that the demands of life are stealing your ability to take care of and enjoy your body. Imagine that instead of knowing you're capable of more, you end every day proud of yourself. 

This is your year to make a change. No more excuses; Kettlebell 365 promises results through manageable, daily wins. Once you start, you won't be able to resist the positive transformation.

Expert Kettlebell Guidance

Take the guesswork out of your kettlebell challenge with expert advice to accompany each exercise.

 365 Daily Exercises: A daily dose of achievable fitness! We start with simple, single kettlebell movements, and as you progress over the course of the year, we’ll introduce more complex and “double” kettlebell exercises to add to your catalog.

📱 Digital Checklist: Seamlessly track the program and your progress with your easy-to-follow online checklist and a summary🏋️ email every Sunday when the exercises for the upcoming week unlock.

🎥 Instructional Videos: Each day offers a short instructional video for the exercise, guiding you on proper form.

📋 Exercise RX: A clear prescription for each exercise, detailing the recommended repetitions, sets, or duration to perform the exercise, according to your fitness level.

🔄 Basic Modifications: Tailor the kettlebell challenge to your fitness level with easy-to-follow modifications, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

Your Time is Valuable

If you've fallen out of shape due to career and family obligations, this kettlebell challenge is your golden opportunity to reclaim your fitness without disrupting your routine.

If you're stuck in the rut of doing the same workout routine repeatedly, this kettlebell challenge is your golden opportunity to learn the extensive capabilities of the mighty kettlebell, sprinkle them into your current routine, and bust through plateaus

With just a few minutes each day, Kettlebell 365 is a kettlebell challenge that reshapes your life through incremental practice. It's not just exercise; it's a lifestyle shift that becomes as natural as taking a shower.

Picture this: Five minutes of strength or mobility practice every day, culminating in over 30 hours of exercise over the course of a year. Those five intentional minutes make a huge difference! 

Why a Kettlebell Challenge?

Because without consistency, you can’t get through a week of exercises, much less a year. The key to consistency is the winning combination of quick results and enjoyment that you'll get with a kettlebell challenge rather than a boring bodyweight one. 

  • Quick Wins: Kettlebell exercise makes for fast results - you’ll feel stronger and notice improved mobility almost immediately.  
  • Enjoyment: Kettlebell exercises are fun! They offer the most versatility of any resistance tool or weight. You can swing them, push them, pull them, carry them, throw them, and catch them.  

These carefully curated exercises engage your entire body throughout the week, stimulating your nervous system, enhancing your mood, improving sleep quality, boosting your energy levels, and motivating you to become even more active.

Be Mindful, Not Mindless

Every day, we mindlessly eat, sleep, walk and talk. With Kettlebell 365, a tiny kettlebell challenge of one exercise each day becomes just as natural and habitual. Embrace the power of small, consistent efforts, and watch as they lead to significant fitness achievements. 

How to Complete the Kettlebell 365 Kettlebell Challenge


  • Open your weekly kettlebell challenge email or login to

  • Watch the video instruction for the exercise of the day and consult the information below the video for recommendations of how to perform it according to your fitness level.

  • Do at least one rep of the exercise and check it off the list! That's it, kettlebell challenge complete! 

Make This Year Yours with the Kettlebell 365!

This isn't just a kettlebell challenge – it's an easy but life-changing experience. Go on the journey with Kettlebell 365, and next year, you’ll be describing yourself in a totally new way. 

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