Product Details - Apollo

Apollo kettlebells are available from 8-34kg (18-75 lbs) in 4 kg increments.

  • Apollo Pro Kettlebells are roughly 20% larger than Atlas and are similar in size to traditional competition style kettlebells
  • The contoured "pocket" of Apollo hugs your arm - as does the Atlas - but because it is a larger surface area, it is even more comfortable! 
  • The rough casting dimensions of Apollo handles are 35mm (Atlas are 34mm)

comparing atlas and apollo with competition kettlebells

They are proudly hand-made in USA.

Apollo Pro Kettlebells are cast iron and also guaranteed within 2% of the marked weight.

They have a Pro Kettlebell logo on one side and the weight in kilograms on the other, and they have:

  • Contoured Arm Rests for Comfort
  • Wide Handle and Window So You Can Fit Two Hands on the Handle Comfortably
  • A Flat Face Which Creates a Stable Platform for Pushups
  • A Clear Gloss Finish on the Bell and a Raw Metal Performance-Grade Handle Texture Which Makes the Kettlebell Feel Lighter and is Easier on Your Skin
  • An Extra-Wide Base with a Rim You Can Hold & Use as a Second Handle
  • Approval for Use in IKO Competitions