Product Details

Atlas kettlebells are available from 4-24 kg (9-53 lbs) and are roughly 20% smaller than Apollo and traditional competition style kettlebells.

  • Atlas' smaller size makes it easier to swing between your legs for both single and double kettlebell exercises (like swings and cleans) and helps keep the center of mass of the weights in alignment with your joints when they're held in the rack position and overhead - especially important for smaller framed people to lift safely.
  • The smaller size and the high center of mass of the kettlebell also means that Atlas has smooth and fast maneuverability.
  • The rough casting dimensions of Atlas handles are 34mm (Apollo are 35mm)

comparing atlas and apollo with competition kettlebells

They are proudly hand-made in USA. Weight variance guaranteed to be within 2%.

The lighter the bell, the hollower the inside.

4 kg kettlebells (9 lbs) are cast aluminum (which is why they are lighter in color) and have a steel plate fixed to the inside of the cavity, providing a magnetic surface for use with our magnetic chip weight.

8kg and up are cast iron and also guaranteed within 2% of the marked weight.

They have a Pro Kettlebell logo on one side and the weight in kilograms on the other, and they have:

  • Contoured Arm Rests for Comfort
  • Wide Handle and Window So You Can Fit Two Hands on the Handle Comfortably
  • A Flat Face Which Creates a Stable Platform for Pushups
  • A Clear Gloss Finish on the Bell and a Raw Metal Performance-Grade Handle Texture Which Makes the Kettlebell Feel Lighter and is Easier on Your Skin
  • An Extra-Wide Base with a Rim You Can Hold & Use as a Second Handle
  • Approval for Use in IKO Competitions