The Ferrari of Kettlebells
The Ferrari of Kettlebells
  • The Ferrari of Kettlebells

  • From our customers: "It doesn’t make sense to use other kettlebells after using these." "These are the most perfect kettlebells in existence."

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A set of kettlebells can serve up better and faster results than an entire gym's worth of equipment.  

Variety's great, but when you can't fit the squat rack, row machine & treadmill? Save space, time and money. All you need to kit out your gym are Pro Kettlebells.

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You can get great results by incorporating a single Pro Kettlebell into your workout.  But we've seen it a thousand times... people who get "in" to kettlebells tend to fall hard and fall fast.  Fi...
What to Expect from Our Kettlebells What to Expect from Our Kettlebells
Why pro kettlebell?

What to Expect from Our Kettlebells

Our Mission

Pro Kettlebell's mission includes making the most comfortable, functional, and beautiful kettlebells in the world, which is why you’ll find our shop the best place to buy kettlebells. 

Handmade in the U.S.A., our kettlebells help you get faster results and are so enjoyable to use, you’ll be constantly looking forward to your next workout.

The ergonomic and multifunctional design helps you exercise more efficiently and with the best possible technique, no matter your level of fitness expertise.

The History

When you’re searching where to purchase kettlebells, you should look to the experts. We’re professional trainers, coaches and competitive kettlebell lifters who spent over a decade working thousands of clients prior to designing the Pro Kettlebell - we understood what you want to get out of your kettlebell experience and how desining a better kettlebell could help give you that. 

With our patented kettlebell design and online training, you’ll have a great time and feel comfortable and confident handling kettlebells. 

Here’s what to expect when you purchase kettlebells from our kettlebell online store:

Contoured Arm Rests

Pro Kettlebell’s patented, contoured arm rests promote proper technique by guiding your arm to its most ergonomic position. Unlike other kettlebells, where so much of the weight presses into your forearm at one spot (causing painful bumps and bruises), this contouring spreads the weight of the kettlebell across your forearm. Buy kettlebells from our online store and you'll be able to lift more weight and/or lift more often without injury.

Uniform Sizes

All "Apollo" kettlebells (our larger kettlebells) and all "Atlas" kettlebells (our smaller kettlebells) are the same size and shape regardless of weight.

This consistency allows you to keep your technique the same as you move between lighter and heavier bells, resulting in seamless and safer workouts.

Hollow Cores

The weight of each bell is determined by how hollow the kettlebell is. We designed the hollow core to be flat on the inside so you can add one of our magnetic chip weights. 

This design keeps the center of mass as high as possible, which allows for maximum control while maneuvering the kettlebell. You'll find your ballistic kettlebell moves like cleans, jerks and snatches much cleaner when you order kettlebells online with Pro Kettlebell.

Safety & Function

The Flat Spot

The flat "face" of the Pro Kettlebell allows it to lay on its side and become a stable platform for exercises like kettlebell pushups. 

Also, in case you were to lose control and drop it during a swing, snatch, or while kettlebell juggling (it's a thing!) the flat spot keeps the kettlebell from rolling and potentially damaging something or someone in its path.

The Handles

The horns (the parallel sides of the handle) are designed for ergonomics while holding the kettlebell both right-side up and upside-down.  This makes it more comfortable and versatile than other kettlebells. 

The handles are 34mm (Atlas) and 35mm (Apollo) and come unfinished so they hold chalk beautifully. 

They’re polished smooth on the top and underside, but we leave a little texture on the sides for extra grip that makes them easier to hold and feel lighter when swinging.

Wide-Rimmed Bases

The base ring (the bottom) of a Pro Kettlebell is proportionatley wider than other kettlebells, providing more stability when performing exercises like renegade rows where you're planking on the handles.

This base ring also has a smooth edge so you can grip it, allowing for an extra hand-hold on the bottom.

This is something unique to our kettlebells, and just one of the elements that make our kettlebells for sale the best of the market.

Beautiful Finishes

Why We Do It Differently

Kettlebells are typically painted to hide the imperfections of their casting. The incredible quality of our castings allows us to not have to paint them. 

Our decision to not paint all Pro Kettlebells began with a few major pet peeves from running a kettlebell gym for years: the hours we'd spend stripping handles of the clear coat they come with (for them to hold chalk properly), and of course, paint chips. 

Kettlebells get banged together no matter what, and before you know it, your painted kettlebell is chipping all over, the flakes of paint stick to your arms and are somehow immune from being vacuumed up from the floor. 

So, we decided to clear-coat them as the stock option and keep the handles bare.  The bare iron handle feels great on your skin, holds chalk beautifully and provides the perfect amount of "grip and slip" which reduces developing callouses or tearing your hands. The only caveat is that they are not as protected from rusting.

Wipe the handles dry and store indoors.  In a humid environment, wrap a towel around the handle or keep in a tupperware tote to prevent rusting. If they do get rusty, you can use a magic erase, sandpaper, or "Bar Keepers Friend" (comes in a can like Comet) to easily remove it.

Searching where to purchase kettlebells? We’ve got you covered. Browse our kettlebell online store today.

Based on 133 reviews
"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weights
Dash Gerdes (Olympia, US)
Exceeds expectations

These work just as well as you could hope.

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weights

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Rema Strauss (Federal Way, US)

First I noticed w/the texture on the handle that I did not have to use chalk at all for my first workout in a long time. This bell is very comfortable and feels like the weight is more even distributed than the ones I have at home currently.

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weights
Nathan Maingard (Plettenberg Bay, ZA)
Increase weight without changing kettlebells!

This is a genius concept. I can't believe I haven't seen it anywhere else. Well executed, and makes it even simpler to carry my single 16KG pro kettlebell with me, while being able to quickly add a few more kg's for a little more kick

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
David Sayers (Sturgis, US)
Excellent Kettlebell!

Love the Kettlebell, customer service is great too. This is my second bell from Pro Kettlebell and I highly recommend them!

Wonderful, thank you David!!!


Perfectly designed/machined with a sturdy strap to help you pull it off. Saves you the cost of having to buy additional kettlebells.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Humberto Debernardis (Margate, US)
Best kettlebells by far

If you are looking for and easy most all around kettlebell look no further. Pro kettlebell will exceed your expectations and needs...

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
K Edwards (Clark, US)
Update to prior post - Add on Weight removability made easier

Went and watched the YouTube video (also on this website probably) about how to remove the add-on weight from the kettlebell. Nokolai was spot on the tell us to undo the red ribbon loop and then put it in the bell. Then you can work your way inside and pull on the longe ribbon and the add in weight detached within seconds. Much easier. Yay!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Nathan Maingard (Plettenberg Bay, ZA)
The rolls royce of kettlebell experiences

Having only done my first workout, i can already tell that I'm a convert.

It's a pleasure to use, and I'm grateful for all the effort that has clearly been put into perfecting this design.

Can't imagine how good workout 10, 100, or 1000 will feel...and I look forward to finding out!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Jose A. Saucedo JR (Oak Forest, US)
Really smooth

I like the design makes doing the clean and press and the snatch fun to do, can't wait to buy heaver weight

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
William Schwartz (Chicago, US)
Great people, great product!

I have nothing but great things to say about Pro Kettlebells, and the prople who make them! My 12 kg Atlas Kettlebell is my first kettlebell. I am a long time marathon runner who is attempting to recover from numerous over use injuries, with the help of kettlrbell sport. So far, very good! Love this Kettlebell, especially the guitar pick forearm part (I am also a guitar player) :) Top notch customer service and kind people who stand behind their products--you can't go wrong with Pro Kettlebell!

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Kyle (Boulder, US)
Really like these

As others have said, these are really nice, ergonomic kettlebells. I really enjoy using them. I now have them in double 8, 12, 16, 20. I will point out, however, that all of them have at lease some little divots on the handles. (The images online are flawless.) So just know that you may not be getting handles as smooth as you see online. All in all, very nice kit.

Also, I enjoyed communicating with the owners when I had questions and concerns. Great costumer service.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Robert Haddix (Elkins, US)

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Reuben Mulholland (Shrewsbury, US)
Amazing quality

It doesn’t make sense to use other kettlebells after using these. Very comfortable and high quality. I am very pleased.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Ken Olson (Bellevue, US)

These are the most perfect kettlebells in existence. Highly recommended.

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weights
Michel Vincent (Montreal, CA)

Excellent addition

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weights
Ryan Thompson (Minneapolis, US)
Double your bells!

Level up chip weights easily doubled my bell collection! Huge game changer jumping 2kg increments versus by bell jumps of 4kg. Easy to use and great hold on all my kettlebells

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weights
Robert Burkhalter (Sunnyvale, US)
The best I've seen

This "puck" is wonderful. I wish they made a 3kg one so that I could fill any "gap" in the weight progression of Pro Kettlebells.

Hi Robert,

Thank you for the great review. A 3KG chip is not off the table! We’ll be in touch when we know more :-)


"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weights
Nick Wittman (Plano, US)
Great Purchase

High quality, secure, and for the price of one kettlebell, gives you the “in-between” weights.

Thank you for the review - we're so glad you're happy with them!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Michael Neeley (Chicago, US)
Love my 12KG Appollo kettlebell

Another great bell from Pro Kettlebell. The fit and finish is every bit as nice as my 16kg bell. Thank you.

Thank you so much! Glad to hear :-)

Intro to the Pro Kettlebell Video Workout (Tucson, US)
Disregard last review

The work outs are easy to follow, if I can’t do an exercise I can easily modify . I have been doing the classes for about 3+ months , I’ve lost 10 lbs with diet changes and 12.5 inches total . My golf game has improved with 40-50 yards off the tee! Thank you ProKettlebell!

That's awesome! Thank you for sharing. We're so happy for you!

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weights
Anthony C (Bolton, CA)

Excellent quality and really easy to use and sticks on kettlebells well and secure. Highly recommended.

Thank you so much for the great review! So glad you like it :-)

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Andy Wright (Kersey, US)
Better than any other Kettlebell I own!!!

I love my new Atlas kettlebell. The unique design gives me a wider grip and makes swinging it much easier than the other competition kettlebells I own. What am I supposed to do with my pinkies? Looking at you CAP.
The design also allows for the most ergonomic one hand kettlebell press I have ever done. The kettlebell seems to conform to the shape of my forearm. Unbelievable! Clearly, the folks at Pro Kettlebell have used kettlebells extensively and put their expertise to work on this design.

Thank you so much, Andy! So glad you like it!

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weights
Gregory C (Phoenix, US)
Reliable and Resourceful

I love these additions to my workout. I have even stacked them both at the bottom of my Atlas KB and they don’t budge. Thank for such a quality product!

Thank you so much!

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weights
Robert Black (Salisbury, US)

Adjustable kettlebells are no good because the seams are uncomfortable and changing weights is overly time consuming. But these magnetic chip weights are great to easily add a kilogram or two. Essentially, they turn one kettlebell into three. They are very thoughtfully designed and well constructed. I have used them on ballistic moves like swings and snatches and have zero worries about them coming off. They also work great on any other cast iron bells of other brands.

Yes! We're excited you get it. Thanks so much for the review!