The Ferrari of Kettlebells
The Ferrari of Kettlebells
  • The Ferrari of Kettlebells

  • From our customers: "It doesn’t make sense to use other kettlebells after using these." "These are the most perfect kettlebells in existence."

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Patented Pro Kettlebells were created to eliminate discomfort, fast-track the learning curve for those new to kettlebells, increase performance for experienced athletes, and add functionality to all kettlebell users. 

This is not a gimmick. It's an equipment advancement; just as tennis rackets are no longer made of wood and technology has influenced how olympic weightlifting bars are made, Pro Kettlebell's design was created by kettlebell coaches and athletes to improve the overall safety and quicken the rewards of using kettlebells.  It may take you a few workouts to adapt to them, but our customers will tell you... it's well worth it.  

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You can get great results by incorporating a single Pro Kettlebell into your workout.  But we've seen it a thousand times... people who get "in" to kettlebells tend to fall hard and fall fast.  Fi...
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What to Expect from Our Kettlebells What to Expect from Our Kettlebells
Why pro kettlebell?

What to Expect from Our Kettlebells

Our Mission

Pro Kettlebell's mission includes making the most comfortable, functional, and beautiful kettlebells in the world, which is why you’ll find our shop the best place to buy kettlebells. 

Handmade in the U.S.A., our kettlebells help you get faster results and are so enjoyable to use, you’ll be constantly looking forward to your next workout.

The ergonomic and multifunctional design helps you exercise more efficiently and with the best possible technique, no matter your level of fitness expertise.

The History

When you’re searching where to purchase kettlebells, you should look to the experts. We’re professional trainers, coaches and competitive kettlebell lifters who spent over a decade working thousands of clients prior to designing the Pro Kettlebell - we understood what you want to get out of your kettlebell experience and how desining a better kettlebell could help give you that. 

With our patented kettlebell design and online training, you’ll have a great time and feel comfortable and confident handling kettlebells. 

Here’s what to expect when you purchase kettlebells from our kettlebell online store:

Contoured Arm Rests

Pro Kettlebell’s patented, contoured arm rests promote proper technique by guiding your arm to its most ergonomic position. Unlike other kettlebells, where so much of the weight presses into your forearm at one spot (causing painful bumps and bruises), this contouring spreads the weight of the kettlebell across your forearm. Buy kettlebells from our online store and you'll be able to lift more weight and/or lift more often without injury.

Uniform Sizes

All "Apollo" kettlebells (our larger kettlebells) and all "Atlas" kettlebells (our smaller kettlebells) are the same size and shape regardless of weight.

This consistency allows you to keep your technique the same as you move between lighter and heavier bells, resulting in seamless and safer workouts.

Hollow Cores

The weight of each bell is determined by how hollow the kettlebell is. We designed the hollow core to be flat on the inside so you can add one of our magnetic chip weights. 

This design keeps the center of mass as high as possible, which allows for maximum control while maneuvering the kettlebell. You'll find your ballistic kettlebell moves like cleans, jerks and snatches much cleaner when you order kettlebells online with Pro Kettlebell.

Safety & Function

The Flat Spot

The flat "face" of the Pro Kettlebell allows it to lay on its side and become a stable platform for exercises like kettlebell pushups. 

Also, in case you were to lose control and drop it during a swing, snatch, or while kettlebell juggling (it's a thing!) the flat spot keeps the kettlebell from rolling and potentially damaging something or someone in its path.

The Handles

The horns (the parallel sides of the handle) are designed for ergonomics while holding the kettlebell both right-side up and upside-down.  This makes it more comfortable and versatile than other kettlebells. 

The handles are 34mm (Atlas) and 35mm (Apollo) and come unfinished so they hold chalk beautifully. 

They’re polished smooth on the top and underside, but we leave a little texture on the sides for extra grip that makes them easier to hold and feel lighter when swinging.

Wide-Rimmed Bases

The base ring (the bottom) of a Pro Kettlebell is proportionatley wider than other kettlebells, providing more stability when performing exercises like renegade rows where you're planking on the handles.

This base ring also has a smooth edge so you can grip it, allowing for an extra hand-hold on the bottom.

This is something unique to our kettlebells, and just one of the elements that make our kettlebells for sale the best of the market.

Beautiful Finishes

Why We Do It Differently

Kettlebells are typically painted to hide the imperfections of their casting. The incredible quality of our castings allows us to not have to paint them. 

Our decision to not paint all Pro Kettlebells began with a few major pet peeves from running a kettlebell gym for years: the hours we'd spend stripping handles of the clear coat they come with (for them to hold chalk properly), and of course, paint chips. 

Kettlebells get banged together no matter what, and before you know it, your painted kettlebell is chipping all over, the flakes of paint stick to your arms and are somehow immune from being vacuumed up from the floor. 

So, we decided to clear-coat them as the stock option and keep the handles bare.  The bare iron handle feels great on your skin, holds chalk beautifully and provides the perfect amount of "grip and slip" which reduces developing callouses or tearing your hands. The only caveat is that they are not as protected from rusting.

Wipe the handles dry and store indoors.  In a humid environment, wrap a towel around the handle or keep in a tupperware tote to prevent rusting. If they do get rusty, you can use a magic erase, sandpaper, or "Bar Keepers Friend" (comes in a can like Comet) to easily remove it.

Searching where to purchase kettlebells? We’ve got you covered. Browse our kettlebell online store today.

Based on 188 reviews
Fantastic bells

The weight distribution and finish in these are incredible. And how the feel in the rack - pure perfection.

Awesome design

Fills amazing in my hands, excellent balance and they are ergonomic which is appreciated in long workouts

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weight Plate

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Nathan Cambron (Boise, US)
Best bells on the market

These are the best made comp style bells out there. The shape will not only help learn proper technique but will save the forearms from overuse injuries, which I’ve suffered from standard comp bells. Also, these being the only bells manufactured here in the states is so awesome.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Kevin Archer (Omaha, US)

This is my third Pro Kettlebell. Definitely the best kettlebell on the market.

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Brandon Gerdes (Omaha, US)
Love them

Normally I don't take the time to fill out reviews. But I absolutely love your guys kettlebells and will be continuing to buy more.

Collector's Edition 30KG Pro Kettlebell
Troy Schwanke (Eugene, US)
Awesome kettlebell

I have multiple brands of competition kettlebells and these are by far my favorite. The polish on them is awesome and they are the best functioning kettlebell I have used. And there made it America which is a huge plus for me.

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weight Plate
CANIDRIVE (Goodfield, US)
made with pride

I am driver who sees. this product from foundry to grind shop to paint shop back to packing ware house where it started. If you think ur a workout person come work here where employees work with them 8 hrs aday

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Bradley Duncan (Coupeville, US)
Really Well Done

I've bought about five of these now for personal use, and they're really at the top of the market. High quality and very thoughtfully designed. Once you've used these, it's hard to go back to the lower-market kettlebells out there.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Ethan (Sandy, US)
Absolutely awesome kettlebells.

I love them! The design is unique but quickly you'll adjust and realize just how great the design is. I have a hard time seeing myself buying other kettlebells in the future. Would 100% recommend.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Ethan (Sandy, US)
Absolutely awesome kettlebells.

I love them! The design is unique but quickly you'll adjust and realize just how great the design is. I have a hard time seeing myself buying other kettlebells in the future. Would 100% recommend.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Julian Wadding (St. Petersburg, US)
Awesome product

Great product. Only complaint is length time to receive product. I understand things happen. Just wish there would have been an estimated time to manage expectations.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Jason Scozzafava (Queens, US)
Feel great

They give feedback on form. Rejuvenated training with kbs for me. I get in the groove better. Love it

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weight Plate
Bruce Mckay (Surrey, CA)

To expensive

Hi Bruce,
I want to explain the pricing better for you.
The magnet alone would cost you $10 retail.
Each 1kg pressed plate costs us $12.
The straps are $4.
Then there's paint, adhesive, packaging and labor - all Made in USA.
Plus, the tooling to make the pressed metal plates cost us over $10,000.
Which means we have to sell a whole lot of these to make back our investment before we ever profit a penny.
But we offer them because they do save you space, make a $100 or $200+ kettlebell more versatile, and make workouts more efficient and enjoyable.
I understand how these may not be for everyone's budget, but I have not heard regrets or complaints regarding the pricing from the people that have invested.
All the Best,
Amber Puchlov

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weight Plate
Bruce Mckay (Surrey, CA)

Good concept, terrible pricing.
$50.00 for 2.2lbs. Plate ?
I know a 2.kilo. plate will turn my 24 k... to 26 k., you're not giving me a 26k bell, you're only giving me a 2k plate.

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weight Plate
Vance Wonderlich (Bend, US)
Level Ups Plates Are Great

Love these things. Really creates a lot of flexibility with workouts. BTW, it appears I can stack two 2KG together to create a 4KG increase. So now I can do double KB work with 16KG and 20KG bells.

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weight Plate
Joel CANSECO (Monterrey, MX)
Good ....but

I tried the magnet chips in the KBs I have the contact excellent however moves when I put it down in certain angle, seems to me that the design is for the pro KB's

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Ben Powers (Knoxville, US)
Excellent Product

Feels more ergonomic than my other bells. The “racing stripe” texture was a bit rough for me, but after some light sanding it feels perfect. Definitely my new favorite kettlebell!

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Adam Fakir (Brooklyn, US)

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Denise Lima (New York, US)
Beautiful equipment

The Apollo is a beautiful and functional piece of equipment.
A pleasure to exercise with it.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Vladimir Belykh (Toronto, CA)

I order my 24 kg kettlebell on 20/05/2023 to day 29/07/2023.
I can't give my opinion on kettlebell,because it not delivered 11weeks .
Very disappointed.2 stars for customer service the answer on my email s

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weight Plate
Jlahunt (Traverse City, US)

well kudos to you for coming up with this lil gem! super useful, simple, and most important, it actually works!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Bobby Hughes (Green Valley, US)
Awesome product!

I love this kettlebell…drastic improvement to my workout routine! Highly recommend!

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weight Plate
John Bouton (Bainbridge Island, US)

"Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weight Plate

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Dan W. (Connersville, US)
Apollo 40 pound Pro Kettlebell

I LOVE Pro Kettlebells! I bought the last 40 pound Apollo to match the one I already had to do dual presses and squats. The best made! Thank you! -Dan