Use Pro Kettlebells so your body can spend its time recovering and getting stronger from your awesome kettlebell workout, not healing bruises and injuries caused by your kettlebell.

What to Expect from Our Kettlebells What to Expect from Our Kettlebells
Why pro kettlebell?

What to Expect from Our Kettlebells

Contoured Arm Rests

Pro Kettlebell’s patented, contoured arm rests promote proper technique by guiding your arm to its most ergonomic position. Unlike other kettlebells, where so much of the weight presses into your forearm at one spot (causing painful bumps and bruises), this contouring spreads the weight of the kettlebell across your forearm. Buy kettlebells from our online store and you'll be able to lift more weight and/or lift more often without injury.

Uniform Sizes

All "Apollo" kettlebells (our larger kettlebells) and all "Atlas" kettlebells (our smaller kettlebells) are the same size and shape regardless of weight.

This consistency allows you to keep your technique the same as you move between lighter and heavier bells, resulting in seamless and safer workouts.

Hollow Cores

The weight of each bell is determined by how hollow the kettlebell is. We designed the hollow core to be flat on the inside so you can add one of our magnetic chip weights. 

This design keeps the center of mass as high as possible, which allows for maximum control while maneuvering the kettlebell. You'll find your ballistic kettlebell moves like cleans, jerks and snatches much cleaner when you order kettlebells online with Pro Kettlebell.

Safety & Function

The Flat Spot

The flat "face" of the Pro Kettlebell allows it to lay on its side and become a stable platform for exercises like kettlebell pushups. 

Also, in case you were to lose control and drop it during a swing, snatch, or while kettlebell juggling (it's a thing!) the flat spot keeps the kettlebell from rolling and potentially damaging something or someone in its path.

The Handles

The horns (the parallel sides of the handle) are designed for ergonomics while holding the kettlebell both right-side up and upside-down.  This makes it more comfortable and versatile than other kettlebells. 

The handles are 34mm (Atlas) and 35mm (Apollo) and come unfinished so they hold chalk beautifully. 

They’re polished smooth on the top and underside, but we leave a little texture on the sides for extra grip that makes them easier to hold and feel lighter when swinging.

Wide-Rimmed Bases

The base ring (the bottom) of a Pro Kettlebell is proportionatley wider than other kettlebells, providing more stability when performing exercises like renegade rows where you're planking on the handles.

This base ring also has a smooth edge so you can grip it, allowing for an extra hand-hold on the bottom.

This is something unique to our kettlebells, and just one of the elements that make our kettlebells for sale the best of the market.

What Weight to Pick?
  • What Weight to Pick?

  • We'll help you find an appropriate weight for your intended use.
Based on 290 reviews
"Level Up" Magnetic Plate Weight Chips
David Hancock (Fort Worth, US)
Stuck on you

These work great

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Julie Kemp (Charlotte, US)
Great piece of equipment

Great quality!

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
aaron f (Sheboygan, US)
Great Kettlebell

great kettlebells. good balance, built/painted well. absolutely love them!

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
aaron f (Sheboygan, US)
very nice

great kettlebells. good balance, built/painted well. absolutely love them!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
David Hancock (Fort Worth, US)
Love it

New to Kettlebells, I bought 2 & a couple magnets…
Have 3 more pre-ordered, hope the come back in stock soon

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Demetris Gousis (Athens, GR)

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells

Fantastic bells, using them with new kettlebellers to help teach arm positioning and hand insertion. Plus the magnets fit perfectly to scale up the weight. Definitely recommend.

Top of the line, as well

Top of the line yall

Top of the line… all there is to say.

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Vicente Marsh (Austin, US)
The best

I bought the atlas because I’m 5’3 and 165lbs so I needed smaller so could work doubles. The fit and finish is beautiful and the weight is very solid with its placement. The shape makes cleans and snatches so much more comfortable. AMERICAN MADE?! DONE

Truly the best kettlebell on the market. Period.

As expected

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Martin Kohler (Wabern, CH)
Top Service

Kettlebells arrived here in Switzerland within a week. Top quality, really very ergonomic in the hand. I haven't regretted buying these kettlebells for a single day.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Jeremy (Bellaire, US)
Worth it!

Quality product, excellent customer service, and made in USA!

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
John H (New Orleans, US)
12kg Kettlebell

Great quality craftsmanship and unique design to keep you moving. Enjoying it so far.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Jeffery Gallagher (Los Angeles, US)
The best kettlebells I own

I own 2 24kg Apollo kettlebells and I will be building out the rest of my gym with Pro Kettlebell. I also want to highlight how phenomenal the support is with Pro Kettlebell. I made a mistake and shipped my kettlebells to an old address. The Pro Kettlebell team went above and beyond to help me fix the situation.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Christian Gomeringer (Mengen, DE)
Just incredible Kettlebells

The Kettlebells are just really cool. The quality is very good. The handling is better then with normal Kettlebells. And the Beginner Workout which you get for free is a nice Workout to start with your new Kettlebells. Thank you!

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Anastasis (Vienna, AT)
Very well designed Kettlebells!

Very comfortable to handle! Both Atlas and Apollo lines are of superb Quality. I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to anyone ! Especially if you are looking for a compact fitness gadget this is the Bell to go!

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
John H (New Orleans, US)

They are well made and in the USA. Great kettlebell and very thought out on the design.

Atlas Line Pro Kettlebells
Galba Brandao (Chelsea, US)
Atlas 24 kg coated

I'm relatively new to KB. I've been trying differents brands and shapes. Pro Kettlebell got this right. My wrist and forearms are forever grateful for it. Great for Snatches, Cleans, Press. Ordering some more weights for sure.

Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells
Erick De Casas (San Ramon, US)
Perfect Kettlebell

I’ve been using kettlebells for years now and it wasn’t until I got my set from pro kettlebell that i realized my technique was flawed. I had to really go back to basics and correct my form and I feel better already. Now I need them in a heavier weight!

Best kettlebells and made in USA

Made in USA and the best design for bells so they don’t dig in and cause issues like every other kettlebell that’s out there.

2kg magnet weight

The weights are working are design. I can add additional load to my strict press by 2kg which increase variability in my work our.

What to do with those kettlebells...

What to do with those kettlebells...

Kettlebell Training