"Level Up" Magnetic Plate Weight Chips

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The perfect solution for maximizing your kettlebell workouts while saving valuable time, money & floor space.

These 4” diameter weights are the ultimate weightlifting solution for any fitness enthusiast seeking a seamless training experience

Equipped with magnets that allow you to quickly adjust your workout intensity without having to switch between multiple kettlebells, clubs or other devices, you’ll say goodbye to cluttered exercise spaces and hello to floor space. 

4 & 6kg Atlas Exception

Exception: 4 & 6 kg Atlas kettlebells are made of aluminum, which isn't magnetic. We now include a steel plate in the 4s and 6s so they will work with these magnetic chip weights, but the first 4s and 6s we sent out did not have the steel plates. Please check your 4 and 6kg Atlas kettlebells for compatibility.

Care & Caution

Warning: Level Up Magnetic Chip Weights were designed to be used one at a time; do not stack them.  While the magnets themselves have a 95 lb. pull and therefore are very strong, the strength of their attachment is limited to the qualities of the surface they're sticking to, and can also be reduced by prolonged exposure to heat (don't leave them sitting outside all summer in Arizona).

Always test the strength of the attachment before using, use with caution and at your own risk; keep a clear path in front and behind you while using.  Protect your belongings and people around you by assuming that the magnet could become detached at any time.

Each plate is designed with a sleek exterior, embossed labeling and finished with impermeable material for maximum durability. Experience hassle-free strength training like never before; take your workouts up a level with Level Up Magnetic Chip Weight Plate.

With a pull strap for easy removal, these magnetic weights fit perfectly in the core of both Atlas* and Apollo kettlebells and can also be used on other kettlebells, dumbbells and more.

  • "Level Up" Magnetic Chip Weight Plates allow for easy and quick adjustment of kettlebell weights, saving you time during your workouts
  • They are compact and space saving, perfect for those with limited floor space in their home gym
  • No need to buy a second or third kettlebell close in weight; save money and get the most out of your workout buy purchasing a matching pair of medium-light kettlebells with a pair of 1kg and 2kg chips. Boom, now you have 3 pairs of kettlebells!
  • Their durable construction ensures a long-lasting investment in your fitness journey
  • 2 KG Weight: 4" in diameter, roughly 2" thick
  • 1 KG Weight: 4" in diameter, roughly 1" thick
  • Magnet has a 95-pound pull force


Change Weight Like Magic
Change Weight Like Magic
  • Change Weight Like Magic

  • No tools required; no time lost. Keep up the good sweat and adjust workout equipment instantly with a magnetic chip weight!

Customer Reviews

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As expected

George Hu (Chicago, US)
2kg magnet weight

The weights are working are design. I can add additional load to my strict press by 2kg which increase variability in my work our.

Brent Cuaz (Detroit, US)

Game changer