21-Day Core Challenge (21 Video Workouts)

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Suggested time to complete: 3 Weeks

Suggested time to complete: 3 Weeks

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21 Tested & Proven Workouts

21 Tested & Proven Workouts

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Program Description

Transform your body in just 21 days: have more energy, improve your mobility, get stronger, shed extra pounds and tone your abs one video class at a time.

Introducing the GITIT ABS 21-Day Core Challenge, your ultimate solution to achieving a strong and toned core. This comprehensive program features 21 exclusive video classes designed to help you strengthen all of your muscles (especially your abdominals) and transform your body.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, our expert instructors will guide you through each workout with precision and attention to detail. With just 30 minutes of exercise per day for three weeks, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can achieve visible results. So why wait? Sign up now and let us help you become the best version of yourself possible and enjoying your body NOW and each day of the journey.

  • New to Pro Kettlebell Workouts? Regardless of your fitness level, this is our favorite program for people new to kettlebells, but fun and effective enough that experienced kettlebell lifters love it, too
  • Strengthen and tone your core muscles with GITIT ABS 21 Day Challenge, helping you achieve a stronger and healthier body
  • Lose weight while building muscle in the most important area of your body with our comprehensive video classes
  • Improve posture, balance, and overall fitness levels through targeted exercises designed to challenge your abs in new ways every day
  • Achieve long lasting results that will leave you feeling confident and energized by completing the 21 day challenge with GITIT ABS' expert guidance

Details/Instructions: The 21-Day GITIT Abs Challenge (Get It Tight In Twenty-One) is 21 consecutive 30-minute workouts that strengthen and tone your whole body with an extra focus on core muscles, resulting in making your back and tech-neck feel so much better, increasing your energy, losing weight, and bonus... the definition in those abs of yours.

Also included is a simple nutrition challenge and a printable challenge guide and progress tracking sheet. All you need is one kettlebell. Follow the classes in order. Print out the tracking sheet, tape it to your fridge, and commit to yourself.  PS. Completion rates & results skyrocket when you have a friend or family member doing the challenge with you, so consider who could be a great accountability partner, sign up now, and GITIT Abs!


Classes range from 25-33 minutes, with most classes being just about 30-minutes.

Only 1 kettlebell necessary to complete the workouts, but a variety of weights to choose from is always nice if you have them.


Our testers lost weight and inches, became undeniably stronger, and more than doubled the amount of time they could hold a plank after just 3 weeks!

Who It's For

GITIT Abs is super effective and includes tons of different kettlebell exercises.

It's light on exercises that require advanced kettlebell technique, though, making it the perfect program for:

-people new to kettlebells

-people who want to focus on core strength and Git Some Abs!


Challenge videos are embedded on this website on your training program page (you'll need to create an account at checkout). FYI, this is a separate system from the Pro Kettlebell Workouts App.

For easy viewing, we like to screencast to a TV but it still works from a laptop or computer - whatever you prefer.

You'll get to mark your classes complete as you go and enjoy watching the progress circle close.

Online Coaching

There's no motivation to show up to your workout and do your best like having someone waiting for you.

Even better is when the person waiting can help you improve your technique, know which weights to use, find the right modifiers if you're working around injuries, and teach you the best kettlebell lifting techniques for your body type to get the specific results that you want.

Online coaching appointments are scheduled with Pro Kettlebell Owner and Head Coach Nikolai Puchlov. You'll work together to find a convenient & available time for your sessions 4:30a-6:30p PST Mon-Fri. After purchasing, we'll reach out to schedule, but feel free to send him an email right away with your preferred times.

And don't worry, if you aren't able to find a time that works for both of you, online coaching sessions are fully refundable, so long as you initiate the return within 30 days of purchase, and prior to any of the sessions being scheduled. Please note there are no refunds for completed or missed sesssions.

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