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21-Day Strength Challenge (22 Video Classes)

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Suggested time to complete: 3 Weeks

Suggested time to complete: 3 Weeks

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Baseline Test Class + 21 Tested & Proven Workouts

Baseline Test Class + 21 Tested & Proven Workouts

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Program Description

Transform your body in just 21 days with our Strength Challenge - 22 video classes, endless results.

Looking for a 21-day challenge that will push your limits and help you achieve your fitness goals? Look no further than our 21-Day Strength Challenge. Whether you're hitting the gym regularly or just starting out on your fitness journey, this challenge is perfect for anyone looking to dive in and increase their overall body strength and endurance. With just three weeks of dedication, commitment, and sweat equity, our program promises results that will make all the effort worth it. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start your journey towards achieving stronger muscles and a healthier lifestyle!

  • Achieve your fitness goals with our 21 Day Strength Challenge, designed to push you towards success
  • Tracking included so there's no doubt how much strength and endurance you'll build
  • Join the challenge today and see real results in just three weeks
  • Take on this challenge to improve your overall health and feel stronger than ever before

We started doing 21-Day Challenges in our gym in 2015, with hundreds of members shocking themselves with their undeniable results in only three weeks. We're very excited for you to experience what they all have, in this newest online edition!


Classes range from 27-48 minutes, with an average class length of 35-minutes. (Strength days are longer classes, conditioning and active recovery days are shorter classes.)

Only one "medium" weight kettlebell required but bring more if you have them.

Optional extras: yoga mat, sweat bands for your wrists, jump rope, stick/pole for mobility. Classes in this series range from 30-45 minutes each.


This strength challenge begins and ends with a "baseline" test, and each week follows a course of expertly planned workouts that allow you to create the habit and instant feedback from working out daily without over-training and burning out. 

Hundreds of members have completed the before and after tracking sheets, and often doubled the amount of volume they were able to do at the end of the 3 weeks. Not to mention enjoying fat loss and newly visible muscle tone.

Who It's For

In The 21-Day Strength Challenge and as often as we can in all our workouts, we offer modifiers to make the exercises accessible to as many people as we can, but this program does contain longer sets of more technical kettlebell exercises like jerk and snatch.

For best results and for your safety, please take the Rookie Challenge or have equivalent experience and understanding of the kettlebell swing, clean, jerk & snatch prior to starting this program.


Challenge videos are embedded on this website on your training program page (you'll need to create an account at checkout). FYI, this is a separate system from the Pro Kettlebell Workouts App.

For easy viewing, we like to screencast to a TV but it still works from a laptop or computer - whatever you prefer.

You'll get to mark your classes complete as you go and enjoy watching the progress circle close.

Online Coaching

There's no motivation to show up to your workout and do your best like having someone waiting for you.

Even better is when the person waiting can help you improve your technique, know which weights to use, find the right modifiers if you're working around injuries, and teach you the best kettlebell lifting techniques for your body type to get the specific results that you want.

Online coaching appointments are scheduled with Pro Kettlebell Owner and Head Coach Nikolai Puchlov. You'll work together to find a convenient & available time for your sessions 4:30a-6:30p PST Mon-Fri. After purchasing, we'll reach out to schedule, but feel free to send him an email right away with your preferred times.

And don't worry, if you aren't able to find a time that works for both of you, online coaching sessions are fully refundable, so long as you initiate the return within 30 days of purchase, and prior to any of the sessions being scheduled. Please note there are no refunds for completed or missed sesssions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Joseph Lisano (Fredericktown, US)
Great intro to kettlebell movements

Despite years of barbell and dumbbell training, I had no idea how to swing a kettlebell or what weight to use (as there were no kettlebells at any gyms I visited over the years). Because beginner weight recommendations varied, I started on my own with a Bowflex adjustable unit. It was not ergonomic and the glossy, perfectly smooth handle did not inspire grip confidence. I discovered this course, and it was great to learn on double 12 kg Atlas. (And no one insulted me for using "light" weights for an adult male because a 24 kg would have taught me the Russian hard way.)
[Picture of 12 kg Atlas]

Dennis Glavin
I feel strong

I have really appreciated the pro kettlebell workouts.
The instructions are clear, the positive coaching makes it fun, and the stretching means
I don’t get hurt. I feel strong and I am keeping my sanity while working at home with my
kids. Love it!

Rema Strauss

LOVE LOVE the online courses, since the gym was quite a drive for me. Pro Kettlebell is a higher quality on-line class from several others I have done. Having the narrator in addition to the instructor is so much more professional making it easier to stay in sync. Demonstrations of each move before the block also helps me maintain consistency in my workout. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work out at home with high-quality KB Sport professionals.