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Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells

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Product Details

Apollo kettlebells are available from 8-34kg (18-75 lbs) in 4 kg increments.

  • Apollo Pro Kettlebells are roughly 20% larger than Atlas and are similar in size to traditional competition style kettlebells
  • The contoured "pocket" of Apollo hugs your arm - as does the Atlas - but because it is a larger surface area, it is even more comfortable! 
  • The rough casting dimensions of Apollo handles are 35mm (Atlas are 34mm)

comparing atlas and apollo with competition kettlebells

They are proudly hand-made in USA.

Apollo Pro Kettlebells are cast iron and also guaranteed within 2% of the marked weight - although when we can, we may calibrate them by adding steel plates in the cavity to get them as close as possible to perfect weight (steel plates are permanently affixed and do not affect performance).

They have a Pro Kettlebell logo on one side and the weight in kilograms on the other, and they have:

  • Contoured Arm Rests for Comfort
  • Wide Handle and Window So You Can Fit Two Hands on the Handle Comfortably
  • A Flat Face Which Creates a Stable Platform for Pushups
  • A Clear Gloss Finish on the Bell and a Raw Metal Performance-Grade Handle Texture Which Makes the Kettlebell Feel Lighter and is Easier on Your Skin
  • An Extra-Wide Base with a Rim You Can Hold & Use as a Second Handle
  • Approval for Use in IKO Competitions

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Pro Kettlebell products are made in the USA and ship from our distribution center in Texas. In-stock kettlebell orders typically ship within 3-5 days from order date. Delivery within the US averages 3-5 business days from ship date.

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Pro Kettlebells - Lifetime Guarantee

  • If these babies break or crack, we'll replace them - no problem.

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  • The chip weight itself (without magnet or straps): lifetime guarantee from breaks or cracks.
  • 30-day money back satisfaction on magnetic chip weight as a whole.  Please note, magnets are ceramic, and it is possible for them to crack.  Handle with care. 
  • Straps can wear over time depending on use, but replacement straps are available for purchase.

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It took more than 30 prototypes for the founders of one of the largest kettlebell clubs in the world to perfect the Pro Kettlebell's ergonomic, patent-pending features - like the contoured arm rests that eliminate the bumps and bruises caused by traditional kettlebells.

Pro Kettlebells can be used in more ways than traditional kettlebells. They make practice more comfortable, enjoyable, and effective for experienced kettlebell lifters and makes learning kettlebell technique and exercises safe, easy and comfortable for newbies. Feel great, have fun, & get results like a pro.

Guide to Choosing a Starting Weight

Flat-Rate Shipping (USA) $24.80/Bell

Made in USA

Lifetime Guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Rema Strauss (Federal Way, US)

First I noticed w/the texture on the handle that I did not have to use chalk at all for my first workout in a long time. This bell is very comfortable and feels like the weight is more even distributed than the ones I have at home currently.

David Sayers (Sturgis, US)
Excellent Kettlebell!

Love the Kettlebell, customer service is great too. This is my second bell from Pro Kettlebell and I highly recommend them!

Wonderful, thank you David!!!

Humberto Debernardis (Margate, US)
Best kettlebells by far

If you are looking for and easy most all around kettlebell look no further. Pro kettlebell will exceed your expectations and needs...

which line is for me?

Comparing Apollo and Atlas




Apollo (the larger one): 8-32kg

in 4kg increments

8kg/18lb, 12kg/26lb, 16kg/35lb,

20kg/44lb, 24kg/53lb, 28kg/62lbs, 32kg/70lbs

Atlas (the smaller one): 4kg, 6kg,

and 8-24kg in 4kg increments

4kg/9lb, 6kg/13lb, 8kg/18lb, 12kg/26lb,

16kg/35lb, 20kg/44lb, 24kg/53lb

comparing atlas and apollo with competition kettlebells

Apollo: Comparable to traditional competition kettlebells, its larger size is better suited for people roughly 5' 8" and taller. The larger size also means the contoured arm rests provide more surface area, making them even more comfortable in the rack position than Atlas - so a smaller person who is training long sets of jerk or long cycle may prefer Apollo for that reason.

Atlas: It's roughly 20% smaller than Apollo in its body (the handle sizes are about the same, and the window - the space inside the handle - is actually a little larger in Atlas, making it a great handle for two-hand swings). Atlas' smaller size makes it easier to swing two bells between your legs and keeps the weights in better alignment with hip and shoulder joints for smaller framed people.

Both Atlas and Apollo kettlebells have great balance and maneuverability.

Reasons to Choose Apollo: Apollo is a great fit for taller people with a broader frame. But if maximum comfort, heavy weights, or high repetition sport-type training are priorities, you may want to go with Apollo even if you're on the smaller side.

Atlas Pros: Atlas moves more quickly. If you like to sprint, juggle, or are used to more compact hardstyle kettlebells, you may prefer Atlas regardless of your size. 

The Takeaway: Atlas was designed for smaller people, and Apollo for larger, but truly, anyone can use either; you can't go wrong!

4 reasons to get yours

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